The Point Where Wingnut Heads Explode?

By: Tuesday February 24, 2009 6:00 am

Throughout the history of civilization, profound questions have tested scholars, philosophers and citizens through the ages. None more perplexing than this: where is that next exact moment where wingnut heads explode? They are volatile little people.  It could be anything, really, that sends them, once again, down the shrieking path. Let’s go to the transcript from yesterday’s press briefing at the Obama White House to peek at a strong contender

Out-Of-State Hate, Complete With Fake Gay Sniper Video

By: Monday February 16, 2009 6:00 am

Via WVBlue, I see that some out-of-state goober has decided the strategery for WV’s Republican party in the 2010 election cycle is….*sound of trumpets*…SCARY GAY PEOPLE! Complete with an offensive video (YouTube) that includes a gay sniper about the shoot at a family blowing bubbles.  I kid you not.  The sniper scope view aimed at the heterosexual family shows up at :58. Beyond offensive. Why target WV?   Because they think we are too stupid to think for ourselves.  We’ve had to deal with this level of GOP dumbassery before

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