FDL Movie Night: A Survey of Open Space

By: Monday September 22, 2014 4:59 pm

It takes a while to settle into watching A Survey of Open Space, the documentary by Austin visual artist Peat Duggins. Anyone looking for the filmmaker to impose dramatic narrative devices on this film about a cross-country bike trek will be sorely disappointed. There is no pumped up character conflict, no artificial suspense or second act reversals. Those willing to invest the time to watch it, however, will find a closely observed and very thought provoking film about the relationship of three people to what’s left of the once vast American wilderness as they encounter it.


Hike On! Stewart Udall’s Legacy from Sea to Shining Sea

By: Wednesday March 24, 2010 6:00 am

Stewart Udall, Secretary of the Interior under Presidents Johnson and Kennedy, passed away at the age of 90 on Saturday. Rather than repeat obituaries’ biographic details, this diary pays photographic tribute to his life’s passion, our wild public lands.

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