Government Demands Whistleblower Organization’s Encrypted Files

By: Tuesday June 10, 2014 10:00 am

The Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) in-house watchdog has demanded that the Project On Government Oversight (POGO) turn over all information it has collected related to abuses and mismanagement at VA medical facilities, according to a subpoena delivered to POGO May 30.


Conservative Activist Grover Norquist Wants Debate on Cost of War in Afghanistan

By: Thursday January 13, 2011 6:50 am

Small government activist Grover Norquist is calling for Republicans to begin a serious debate on the Afghanistan war. Not surprisingly, Norquist was focusing on the cost of financing our seemingly endless military commitment to the country.

Costs of Iraq, Afghanistan Wars Proving Unsustainable

By: Tuesday November 17, 2009 7:55 am

Fighting two wars under the dual myths of an all-volunteer force and a refusal to raise taxes to fund the conflicts is destroying our armed forces, our economy and the fabric of our society.

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