In recent posts, I have been examining various real estate transactions and IRS filings involving Dove Charismatic Ministries, Inc. and Terry Jones, pastor of the affiliated Dove World Outreach Center. As the organizer of various hate campaigns promoting Islamophobia or homophobia, Jones has actively focused significant attention on himself and his church. In this post, I will provide the details from an extensive search of public records relating to several of the business entities involving Jones and Dove World, assembling all of the information into a timeline such as those for which Marcy Wheeler of Emptywheel is known.

The overall impression from the amassed data is that, at the very least, Jones and Dove World have been extremely sloppy in mixing the use of the Dove World site for the non-profit church activities and the for profit businesses. Jones has claimed that these businesses donate a portion of their proceeds back into the church to keep it operational. If keeping the church operational were the purpose of the private businesses, however, why aren’t those operations carried out under the non-profit structure of the church? If all of the properties had been purchased in the church’s name and all of the other business were also carried out by the church, with the cash flow clearly documented in up-to-date Form 990′s filed by Dove Charismatic Ministries, Inc., there would be no reason for suspicion. By mixing the church and private businesses, Jones has created an environment in which it appears that he and the other officers of the businesses can enrich themselves partly through the tax status and volunteer labor status conferred by the church.