US Press Cover for CIA Again by Withholding Name of Controversial Acting Clandestine Service Chief

By: Thursday March 28, 2013 9:30 am

The acting head of the CIA’s clandestine service—the first woman to ever hold the position for any period of time—is being considered for the position. But, as reported, her professional history in the agency includes signing off on the destruction of torture tapes with former CIA Counterterrorism Center head, Jose Rodriguez.


First Female Head of CIA’s Clandestine Service Signed Off on Destruction of Torture Tapes

By: Wednesday March 27, 2013 12:10 pm

One week before John Brennan assumed office as CIA director, a woman was put in charge of the CIA’s clandestine service. It was the first time in the history of the agency that a female officer was running the agency. But, according to the Washington Post, the officer was one of two CIA officers, who signed off on the destruction of torture tapes in 2005.

The Post reports the woman served in a senior position at the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center after the September 11th attacks. She was in the chain of command for the Rendition, Detention and Interrogation program (RDI).

The CIA recorded brutal interrogations of prisoners with a video camera in a secret prison in Thailand. Over ninety tapes were ultimately recorded.

Honoring Those Who Say “No”

By: Saturday May 26, 2012 9:00 am

On this Memorial Day weekend, I give thanks for Hugh Thompson, Jr., Glenn Andreotta, and Lawrence Colburn, who courageously and properly said “no” in the face of misguided fellow soldiers and superiors.

When I hear someone say “thank you for your service” to a member of the military, I think of these three, who embodied the best of what “service to your country” is, in the face of others who embodied that service at its worst.

Judge Sanctions CIA for Destruction of Interrogation Tapes

By: Monday August 1, 2011 6:30 pm

A judge has sanctioned the CIA for the destruction of interrogation tapes but rejected a renewed motion from the ACLU to have the court hold the CIA and other individual officials like Jose Rodriguez in contempt. The ACLU considers the outcome a fairly significant success, despite the fact the CIA was not found to be in contempt by Judge Alvin Hellerstein.

US Determination to Indict Assange Meant to Scare Press away from Future Leaks

By: Monday December 13, 2010 6:06 am

Now comes the bellicose fixation of the United States government on criminally prosecuting WikiLeak’s editor-in-chief Julian Assange. What started out as the usual idiotic yammering of Rep. Peter King and Sen. Joe Lieberman has turned into an apparently dedicated and determined effort by the Department of Justice to charge Assange. As the following discussion will demonstrate, it will require dicey and novel extrapolation of legal theories and statutes to even charge Assange, much less actually convict him.

This is not just a destructive and myopic scheme to effect prior restraint in a digital world, it is laughable from the point of legal foundation.

Torture? Check. Covering Up Torture? Check. Rule of Law? Nope.

By: Tuesday November 9, 2010 5:15 pm

I think it was the timing of the end of the torture investigation that hurts most of all. Just days ago, Harold Koh was boasting of the Durham investigation to the UN. Then Bush started his dog and pony show, including his proud admission to have ordered up torture. All of which made today’s announcement, that no one will be charged for covering up evidence of torture, almost anti-climactic.

Of course no one will be charged for destroying the evidence of torture! Our country has spun so far beyond holding the criminals who run our country accountable that even the notion of accountability for torture was becoming quaint and musty while we waited and screamed for some kind of acknowledgment that Durham had let the statute of limitations on the torture tape destruction expire. I doubt they would have even marked the moment–yet another criminal investigation of the Bush Administration ending in nothing–it if weren’t for the big stink bmaz has been making. Well, maybe that’s not right–after all, Bob Bennett was bound to do a very public victory lap, because that’s what he’s paid for.

Non-Revelation of Cheney-Bush Rift over Libby Distracts from Bigger Cover-Up

By: Monday November 8, 2010 12:30 pm

Today’s news will be dominated with Bush’s admission that Cheney was mad at him for not pardoning Libby. As the press is distracted with a rehashing of the successful cover-up of one of Bush’s crimes, we ought to remember that today marks the successful cover-up of a more horrible crime.

Letter to DOJ and John Durham Re: Torture Tape Crimes Expiring

By: Friday November 5, 2010 6:46 am

As we have heard absolutely nothing from Eric Holder, John Durham, the DOJ or the Obama Administration in relation to indictments or other results of the investigation Mr. John Durham has been conducting since January 8, 2008, nearly three years, I thought a letter was in order asking just exactly what their status was. Here is that letter.

FDL Book Salon Welcomes Barry Eisler, Inside Out

By: Saturday July 3, 2010 2:00 pm

Barry Eisler’s new novel, Inside Out, is a spy thriller that takes off from the past years’ headlines about missing CIA torture tapes. But it is something even more: it is one of the most politically astute novels of our generation. No other work of fiction has pointedly posed the alternatives for those who would seek political change in the United States in the 21st century. And what are the possibilities in a system where conspiracy is impossible because “everyone is complicit”? Political nihilism, revolutionary adventurism, martyrdom, or subornation by the Establishment.

Barry Eisler’s New Thriller Draws Upon U.S. Torture Program

By: Wednesday June 30, 2010 6:30 pm

The publication of Barry Eisler’s novel “Inside Out” is a big deal, because until now, no one has taken the headlines surrounding the Bush/Cheney/CIA torture scandal and made them the subject of memorable fiction.

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