George W. Bush: I Did Not Have Record Deficits with That Federal Budget

By: Friday November 12, 2010 10:30 am

The Decider wants everyone to know — especially those Teabaggers like Jim DeMint who keep saying mean things about his big spending ways — that his fiscal record was actually really awesome.


British, Germans Say George W. Bush Still Lying about Iraq, Al Qaeda, Torture

By: Wednesday November 10, 2010 1:45 pm

When was the last time an American President was accused of lying by two NATO countries on the same day?

George W. Bush: There’s No Way to Know If My Presidency Was a Success Until I’m Dead

By: Tuesday November 9, 2010 10:30 am

Dubya, playing the oh-so-popular-among-Bush-apologists “history will be the judge” card with Matt Lauer.

George W. Bush Admits Failures During Katrina, Makes a Fool of Right-Wing Apologists, Self

By: Sunday November 7, 2010 11:30 am

Well, well, well — look what The Decider says in his ghost writer’s new book.

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