Lawsuit Challenges Secretive Policy Allegedly Used Against Muslim Immigrants to Deny Citizenship

By: Friday August 1, 2014 9:35 am

The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit on behalf of five Muslims allegedly denied American citizenship because of a secretive policy a Homeland Security Department’s immigration agency operates. The program grants the government broad discretion to designate those applying for citizenship as “national security concerns.”

According to the ACLU’s filed complaint [PDF], the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) has engaged in the “unlawful delay and denial of plaintiffs’ applications for citizenship and lawful permanent residence [LPR] under a secretive policy” known as the Controlled Application Review and Resolution Program (CAARP).


ACLU Seeks Judgment on Whether US Government’s Secret No-Fly List Violates Due Process Rights

By: Monday March 25, 2013 3:36 pm

In a what the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) considers a “first of its kind” lawsuit, the ACLU has filed a motion seeking a ruling from a federal district court in Oregon on the constitutionality of the United States government’s secret No-Fly list. The ACLU argues the list violates citizens’ Fifth Amendment right to due process.

The ACLU represents fifteen citizens and lawful residents, who were prohibited from flying to and from the United States. They were not informed of why they were being put on the list and were given no chance to clear their names.

No-Fly List Challenge Can Be Heard by Court, Judge Rules

By: Saturday July 28, 2012 7:53 am

The Ninth Circuit United States Court of Appeals reversed a ruling on July 26 that now allows the American Civil Liberties Union’s (ACLU) lawsuit against the heads of the Justice Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Terrorist Screening Center (TSC) to go forward. The court remanded it to the US District Court of Oregon, which previously had decided to dismiss the case over a technicality because the court believed it should have been filed against the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

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