Sunday Talking Heads: Nutcracker Edition

By: Sunday December 14, 2014 2:00 am

Yes, American Torture is a big topic this week on the Sunday shows, the one guest invited on to speak about why it is so very wrong is Sen. John McCain. And then there are the Great Defenders: George W. Bush; Dick Cheney; former Director of the CIA’s National Clandestine Service Jose Rodriguez (he oversaw the “enhanced interrogation program”); John Yoo; John Brennan; and Michael Hayden, among others.


Working at a Big 8 Peace Firm, a Look Back

By: Sunday March 23, 2014 6:45 am

remember after graduating from Star Fleet I took a job with one of the Big 8 Peace firms in San Francisco.

I was a junior analyst working on developing pro-peace material. Part of my job was booking our leading peace advocates on the Sunday morning talk shows. If it seemed like every Sunday you saw the same peace advocates ganging up in a four to one “discussion” with one war monger there was a reason. Unlike them, our people were well trained, articulate and buddies with all the producers and hosts. The media loved our men and women as guests.

Sunday Talking Heads: September 29, 2013

By: Sunday September 29, 2013 2:00 am

Informant Festival Trailer from Songpoem on Vimeo. “Congress has two jobs to do: pass budgets and pay the bills it has racked up.” -President Obama WASHINGTON JOURNAL. ABC’S THIS WEEK:  Bill Clinton.  Then, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.  Roundtable: Matthew Dowd, former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, Bill Kristol, Paul Krugman. Plus, “Sunday Spotlight” on retired U.S. Army Ranger Jeff Struecker “Black [...]

The Three Great Premises of Idiot America Take Center Stage

By: Saturday September 28, 2013 11:30 am

These are good times for those who practice wingnuttery and those who observe them, as there is plenty of wingnuttery on display. Sadly, this exacts a cost, either in the idiotic policies and practices foisted upon society (see almost anything enacted at the urging of the NRA), or in the time and energy that must be wasted to beat back these idiocies (see Krugman, Paul “the Shrill One”). No, popcorn is not an option. It’s no surprise, then, that my thoughts have been turning to Charles Pierce.

Yours should too.

Take Your Bipartisanship, And…

By: Thursday September 13, 2012 8:00 pm

The only remaining moment of pageantry that comes close to redeeming our rotten simulacrum of “democracy” happens in an election year, which briefly forces the two parties to somehow differentiate themselves from one another, at least temporarily. Now that all the really important decisions have long since been made, that Republicans and Democrats still bother to find and exploit petty differences (that never involve money), is a quaint nod to “we, the people” that I’m frankly surprised they haven’t dropped already, so I cherish it.

NBC’s Meet the Press Features Phony “Debate” Between Two Deficit Hysterics

By: Sunday May 20, 2012 4:00 pm

For reasons only he and his producers can fathom, NBC’s Meet the Press host, David Gregory, thought it would be edifying to feature a debate about the economy and budget issues between two men who don’t have a clue about how to help the economy and who differ only in degree about how much Congress should pass measures that will hurt growth, put more people out of work, leave more people uninsured and reduce more people’s wages and retirement incomes.

CNN’s Crowley and Crew Help GOP Deny Its War on Women

By: Sunday May 20, 2012 11:30 am

Here is how you make America dumber, one Sunday at a time. First you show a clip of some politician making a speech. You then have a CNN (or ABC, CBS, NBC) panelist critique a segment of the speech, but do it in a misleading “balanced” way to avoid appearing to take sides between the politician that just lied and the other party Someone says, “tsk tsk,” and then you move on.

In-Home-Studio Talent Reveals Cable News Priorities

By: Monday April 9, 2012 6:15 pm

The new status symbol for vapid talking heads who parrot the conventional Beltway political wisdom, or conservative talking points in the case of Faux News, is the in-home television studio. Equipped with a Cisco Telepresence camera or HD monster, as well as potent totems and signifiers to appear on-screen behind the personality, the in-home studio has replaced the Town Car that used to carry talking heads to the news network’s nearest uplink.

Now, the Important Opiners who’ve rushed to the corner of his/her own study from a child’s flute-o-phone concert or soccer match, donned suitable apparel, and gotten a powder-dusting from a minor child in violation of television union rules and child labor laws can share their Important Opinion with viewers who can’t get through their news day without knowing what their Favorite thinks!

What Would Jesus Say About the Rev. Franklin Graham?

By: Sunday April 24, 2011 1:00 pm

One can only wonder what an intelligent, worldly woman like Christiane Amanpour must have thought as she interviewed the Rev. Franklin Graham. Whether it was cynicism or cluelessness about Christianity that convinced ABC’s This Week to feature Graham, I cannot say. What I will say is that Franklin Graham came across as one of the phoniest, stupidest “religious” hucksters I’ve ever listened to. Happy Easter to you too, ABC.

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