What Then Must We Do?

By: Monday April 8, 2013 6:30 pm

My new book, What Then Must We Do? Straight Talk About the Next American Revolution is beginning to hit bookstore shelves, and should be available to ship online next week. In the meantime, here’s an interview with Laura Flanders exploring the themes of the book.


A Checkerboard Strategy for Regaining the Progressive Initiative

By: Thursday January 3, 2013 7:10 pm

President Obama is Time magazine’s “Person of the Year” – the first Democratic president to receive two consecutive popular-vote majorities since Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Yet these are clearly tough times for progressives. Everything progressives have fought for is seemingly on the chopping block nationally, and in many states and cities. Programs are being cut; public assets are being sold off; school teachers are losing their jobs; unions are being attacked; pension and health care benefits are being slashed – even Social Security is being challenged.

Progressives, in short, remain on the defensive.

Fighting the Duopoly: An Interview With the Vermont Progressive Party

By: Sunday November 25, 2012 11:50 am

The point I am trying to make is under the radar of mainstream media and even most progressive political discussions there have been long-term efforts at electoral politics from a left and progressive perspective that have been successful. The Vermont Progressive Party is one such example and I think their organizing and strategic decisions deserve a close look if leftists and progressives are seeking ways to break out of being marginalized in US politics and progressive voters are tired of lesser evilism in politics.

My New Year’s Resolutions

By: Saturday December 31, 2011 5:00 pm


Lose weight.

Be nicer.

Work with not just this year but many future years and generations and centuries in mind.

Rendell, on Maddow, Reiterates Party’s “Campaign”: Vote for Democrats or I’ll Kill You

By: Thursday September 23, 2010 9:30 am

For Democratic leaders, threatening unenthusiastic voters with vague pictures of doom and gloom, when much of what the voters see right now is already pretty gloomy, is not going to “wake up” very many of the rank and file. Promising little else in terms of benefits if Democrats stay in power—little beyond “there’s more to do”—does not provide enough positive motivation to engender enthusiasm.

Rove Didn’t Destroy the GOP – Iraq, Katrina, and a Massive Financial Meltdown Did

By: Tuesday April 6, 2010 7:57 am

No one political operative, no matter how powerful, brilliant, or stupid, can destroy a political party. The elected Republicans who were in power when they caused or failed to respond correctly to our country’s most serious disasters are the people who destroyed the party.

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