Fizzling “Accountability” Efforts: Dem Health Care Nays Still Likely to See DCCC Cash

By: Monday March 22, 2010 6:30 pm

It appears that accountability comes last for Blue Dogs, and help comes last for progressive challengers. That’s been clear for quite a while. Maybe labor is starting to see things differently. But I’ll bring to your attention the fact that they immediately starting protecting those who voted for the health care bill rather than damning those who didn’t. And in the days leading up to the vote, the latter was more of a priority.


Obama Against Choice

By: Tuesday March 16, 2010 1:55 pm

Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin holds down a tough seat for pro-choice Democrats. She’s in an R+9 district, and that’s a tough thing to do for a pro-choice woman.

But the Democratic establishment are now out to torpedo any woman who sticks up for choice.

If Obama wants to run a campaign within the Democratic party against a woman’s right to choose, let’s do it in public. Let’s know where everyone stands.

Contact Colorado media and tell them to ask DeGette to release the letter.

Sign the petition, and donate to run online ads in DeGette’s district – stand up for a woman’s right to choose as part of the Democratic party platform. If this bill goes through without a fight from the pro-choice community, that’s it. Turn out the lights. It’s all over.

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