Congressional PR Campaign to Stay in Iraq Begins

By: Thursday June 2, 2011 3:56 pm

Here we go. The bipartisan PR campaign to extend our military presence in Iraq has begun at the legislative level. Military officials already were making loaded statements about how Iraq would have to inform them soon if they wanted the troops to stay. This never materialized, so I guess you could see this as Plan B.


Ohio Democrat Steve Driehaus Losing To Steve Chabot 39% to 56%

By: Saturday January 16, 2010 7:42 am

A new SurveyUSA poll sponsored by Firedoglake shows incumbent Democrat Steve Driehaus substantially behind former Republican Congressman Steve Chabot in Ohio’s 1st congressional district. If the election were held today, Chabot would beat Driehaus in a head-to-head match up, 56% to 39%.

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