FDL Book Salon Welcomes Anthony Arnove, Howard Zinn Speaks: Collected Speeches 1963-2009

By: Sunday December 23, 2012 1:59 pm

Anthony Arnove got to know Howard Zinn’s distinctive voice when he collaborated with Zinn on “The People Speak.” As a result, Arnove was selected by the Howard Zinn Trust to edit four decades of his speeches. Although Zinn’s remarks are in text form, his passion, his energy, his humor, and his desire for long-term systemic change jump off the page and inspire the reader.

Zinn’s legacy is inspirational to progressives who believe in healing the world on behalf of the public good. War and the reckless accumulation of wealth – two of the most central features to the American zeitgeist – were anathema to Zinn, who celebrated a just, multi-cultural, egalitarian society.


Why Most Wars Are ‘Humanitarian Interventions’

By: Sunday April 15, 2012 11:50 am

With the increasing possibility of some kind of intervention in Syria looming, a University of Chicago panel tried to unpack how liberal thought and Western power politics often are used to mask the unsavory aspects of what many usually call “humanitarian intervention.” The speakers mentioned the Arab Spring, the war in Libya and went into detail on how military intervention is employed in the name of human rights.

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