Oh, THAT’S What the Boy Scouts Mean by Being ‘Morally Straight’

By: Thursday April 25, 2013 5:00 pm

If there were a Pathfinder merit badge, the Scout leadership would be unable to earn it—they’ve been wandering the wrong trail for many years.


Todd Akin Is the Embodiment of the Modern GOP Platform

By: Saturday August 25, 2012 9:00 am

In 1976, Jack Danforth was running for the US Senate in Missouri; in 2012, Todd Akin is running for Danforth’s old seat. In 1976, the GOP platform noted a wide diversity of opinion about abortion and the wisdom of Roe v. Wade; in 2012, the GOP platform demands adherence to One Right Answer. In 1976, the GOP platform pushed for adoption of the Equal Rights Amendment; in 2012, it pushes for a human life amendment.

In 2006, as this religiously-motivated shift in GOP politics unfolded, Danforth lamented it, much to the amusement of conservatives like the SBC’s Richard Land. But Danforth also predicted “The more people think about it, the more people will resist it.” Today, people are realizing that Todd Akin is the embodiment of the GOP platform, not the exception to it. The reaction to him and his comments makes it appear that Danforth may have been right.

I sure hope so.

Progress? Southern Baptist Convention Poised to Elect Its First Black President

By: Monday June 18, 2012 9:35 am

For a denomination born in defense of slavery and a spiritual haven for the white supremacist movement over the last century, this is I guess progress on one front. A black minister is about to be chosen to head the Southern Baptist Conference.

Romney’s Bad Luck with Evangelicals Continues

By: Saturday June 2, 2012 9:00 am

Poor Mitt Romney. After having had to deal with the evangelical search for the best anyone-but-Mitt to back against him, after making his pilgrimage to Liberty University, and after offering up his gay foreign policy spokesman to appease their anger, Mitt looked like he was starting to get a little traction with the evangelical community. When Richard Land called on Rick Santorum to get out of the race, it had to be received as a good sign by Romney that he had at least one major evangelical leader who was willing to get behind him as the presumptive nominee.

But now Land is in some hot water of his own, and was rebuked by the board of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission — a commission he leads. Land lost his radio show but not his job with ERLC. Still, Poor Mitt has to be crying about this. “I finally get a big evangelical supporter, and this happens to him? Why me?”

Is James Dobson Repenting for His 2007 Interview With Newt Gingrich?

By: Friday January 20, 2012 11:55 am

James Dobson’s slam on Newt Gingrich at the recent behind-closed-doors meeting of evangelical Christian leaders grabbed a lot of attention in the press, but no one seems to remember that these two have a past. In 2007, Gingrich went on Dobson’s radio program to confess his history of marital infidelity, and received the blessing of numerous TheoCon leaders for doing so.

Now, though, Dobson appears to have led the charge against Gingrich in that meeting of religious conservatives. Is Dobson repenting for having given Gingrich a platform to try to rebuild in image back in 2007?

Mike Huckabee’s Attack on Unbelievably Un-American Economic Terrorists

By: Monday September 26, 2011 1:35 pm

Mike Huckabee thinks groups that urge boycotts of companies that fund anti-LGBT organizations are engaged in un-American economic terrorism. By that definition there are lots of economic terrorists out there . . . on the right.

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