Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Federal Air Marshal Whistleblower & Upholds Whistleblower Law

By: Thursday January 22, 2015 2:00 pm

A federal air marshal whistleblower won an important Supreme Court victory on January 21 when justices voted 7-2 that his disclosures were covered by the Whistleblower Protection Act (WPA) and had not been “specifically prohibited by the law,” as the government claimed.


Supreme Court: First Amendment Protects Public Employees Who Give Whistleblower Testimony

By: Thursday June 19, 2014 4:20 pm

The United States Supreme Court ruled that the First Amendment protects public employees who provide testimony during corruption trials from job retaliation, such as being fired.

The case, Lane v. Franks, involves Edward Lane, who according to NPR was “hired in 2006 to head a program for juvenile offenders” at Central Alabama Community College that provided “counseling and education as an alternative to incarceration.” The program “received substantial federal funds.”

Obama Administration Argues Right to Fire Public Employees Who Testify at Corruption Trials

By: Monday April 28, 2014 6:30 pm

The Supreme Court heard arguments today over whether public employees who testify under subpoena at public corruption trials should be protected by the First Amendment. The position of President Barack Obama’s administration appears to be that they should not be protected.

Latinos and the GOP: It’s the Intolerance, Stupid

By: Saturday November 10, 2012 4:00 pm

The real hope for bipartisanship in the next Congress, at least in the afterglow of the election, is on the issue of immigration. It really wasn’t so long ago that large sections of the Republican Party, on up to their sitting President, favored the policy. Right-wing talk radio and the proto-Tea Party basically defeated it. But the high voter turnout among Latinos has those same forces modulating their tone. In fact, in a pre-emptive strike, Sean Hannity completely flipped on the issue.

Former Obama Counselor Tribe: Bradley Manning’s Treatment Unconstitutional

By: Monday April 11, 2011 6:07 am

In Charlie Savage’s story from last year on the sidelining of Laurence Tribe as head of an “Access to Justice” program at the Department of Justice, he reported that Tribe originally believed he would serve as counselor for “rule of law” issues in Obama’s Administration.

Obama Rallies 37,500 at USC

By: Saturday October 23, 2010 4:00 pm

I joined about 37,500 students and activists at USC with Antonio Villaraigosa, Kamala Harris, Jerry Brown, Barbara Boxer, Jamie Foxx, Kal Penn, the Trojan Marching Band, Ozomatli and President Obama. It was one of the several Moving America Forward rallies happening on college campuses across the country.

Kagan’s Argument Prevails in Comstock Decision; Now, How Far a Leap from “Sexually Dangerous Person” to Terrorist?

By: Monday May 17, 2010 3:15 pm

It would not take much to see the argument affirmed today used to justify indefinite detention of Gitmo detainees. Heck, Obama’s probably already sent the draft legislation to Lindsey Graham for his approval…and Elena Kagan may eventually be a Justice who reviews indefinite detention.

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