More Health Care Cost Control Nonsense From Jon Gruber

By: Wednesday May 30, 2012 12:40 pm

M.I.T. Economist Jonathan Gruber continues to leave people radically less informed about the real health care cost issue in this country with public statements that frankly make no sense. The latest example is from a Washington Post article about Massachusetts’ attempts to control health care cost


Higher Prices, Not Increased Utilization, Are Driving Health Care Costs

By: Monday May 21, 2012 9:10 am

American health care continues to get more expensive, but the increase is driven by us getting overcharged more for the same services and not by us utilizing more health care. This is a key finding of a new Health Care Cost Institute report on 2010 health care costs.

Vermont Continues Working Towards A Universal Health Care System

By: Wednesday April 25, 2012 10:00 am

The government of Vermont continues to chug along with their multi-year plan to establish a universal health care system modeled on single payer. The most recent step is that the two chambers of the legislature have approved a new bill creating the health care exchange required by the Affordable Care Act and to require everyone to purchase insurance through the Exchange.

Reminder: No One Disputes the Legality of Single Payer

By: Wednesday March 28, 2012 7:00 am

With the Supreme Court arguing the legality of the Affordable Care Act, it is a good time to remember that almost nobody disputes that single payer, such as Medicare for All, would be undoubtedly constitutional. Even one of the lead lawyers arguing (for the opposing states and other opponents) that the individual mandate is unconstitutional admitted today that single payer would be clearly legal.

The Newest Ezra Klein Flip Flop: Paul Ryan and Single Payer

By: Thursday March 22, 2012 11:30 am

I love a good provocative title as much as the next writer but it has to at least make some sense, which really doesn’t seem to be the case with Ezra Klein’s new article ‘Ryan May Lead to Single-Payer Health Care.’ As best as I can make sense of the rather strange logic leaps, Klein has basically made yet another total 180 reversal in his previous thinking. He is now arguing that Ryan’s plan, if enacted, would be so bad that at some point in the future it would magically make Democrats adopt single payer.

Slower Medicare Growth Implies Superior Aspects of Single-Payer Systems

By: Monday March 12, 2012 2:28 pm

Mitt Romney turned 65 today, and he celebrated by putting out a misleading memo about Medicare that claims President Obama’s policies, rather than the GOP’s, would end Medicare as we know it, because it will be bankrupt. Actually, the trend of Medicare costs is falling, relative to private insurance, and the cost control board adopted in the ACA hasn’t even started yet, because the GOP won’t approve any board nominees.

Fifty Doctors in Support of Single Payer File Amicus Brief Against Individual Mandate

By: Tuesday February 14, 2012 10:15 am

A group of fifty doctors along with the non-profits groups, Single Payer Action and Our Economy, filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court arguing that the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act should be struck down. The brief argues that Congress doesn’t need the new power to compel individuals to buy a product from a private company to effectively regulate the healthcare marketplace. It can easily do so with its current approaches, such as a single payer system, which is used for Medicare.

Ryan Teams with Wyden on New Plan for Medicare

By: Thursday December 15, 2011 6:50 am

In a surprise move, Paul Ryan found a Democratic partner to propose a new Medicare plan that does not fully privatize it, but instead keeps fee-for-service Medicare as an option alongside a premium support plan. This is the same proposal that the front-running Republican Presidential candidates have made.

Washington Post’s Robert Samuelson Ignores Reality About Solving Health Care

By: Monday November 28, 2011 11:15 am

Washington Post columnist correctly notes that OECD nations provide equal or better health care but at a fraction of the cost paid by the US. But he then ignores the obvious conclusion — that we should adopt one of their proven systems — and instead claims that an unproven and unlikely scheme using vouchers to private insurers would work.

Americans Want Bigger Role for Government in Health Care

By: Monday November 7, 2011 7:15 pm

While Americans claim they prefer smaller government, they prefer a bigger government that provides more health care services according to a new poll by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Only 37 percent of Americans would prefer a smaller government that provided fewer health services, while a majority, 52 percent, said they would prefer a larger government that provided more health services.

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