Senate Commerce Committee Hearing on Joshua Wright to be FTC Commissioner

By: Tuesday December 4, 2012 12:20 pm

The Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation will hold confirmation hearings today, including Joshua Wright to be a commissioner on the Federal Trade Commission. The hearing will be livecast on the Senate Commerce Committee website, and I will be liveblogging it here:


Gropey Joe: Lieberman “Comes Down on the Side of Pat-Downs” before TSA Hearing (VIDEO)

By: Tuesday November 16, 2010 7:45 am

Joe Lieberman’s Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs will hold a hearing today at 3:15pm EST to discuss “Closing the Gaps In Air Cargo Security” with TSA Director John Pistole. Lieberman got a head start on the issue, of course. He was on MSNBC yesterday in an interview with Andrea Mitchell, who brought up conversing about full body scanners and security “pat downs.” When asked whether or not he believed that the procedures are invasive, he responded, “I come down on the side of pat downs.”

Net Neutrality Before Congress Tomorrow – Action Needed

By: Tuesday April 13, 2010 5:29 pm

Tomorrow at 2:30 pm, the Senate Commerce Committee will meet to discuss the administration’s National Broadband Plan. However, given the court ruling last week that the FCC can’t regulate the Internet under its current classification, the focus will be on net neutrality.

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