Wisconsin Organizers Gather Over 1 Million Signatures to Recall Scott Walker

By: Tuesday January 17, 2012 4:03 pm

Organizers in Wisconsin collected over one MILLION signatures to recall Scott Walker, doubling what was necessary. They did this in under two months. This approaches the number of votes Walker received in the 2010 election, and it’s a much higher bar to find people and have them sign their name than it is to get them to show up at a defined polling place.


FDL Book Salon Welcomes Paul Street and Anthony DiMaggio, Crashing the Tea Party: Mass Media and the Campaign to Remake American Politics

By: Saturday June 4, 2011 1:59 pm

I remember receiving a phone call from a prominent newspaper reporter in Fall 2009 about the emergence of the Tea Party, largely in opposition to President Barack Obama’s health care legislation. “Is the Tea Party going to become a major force in American politics,” the reporter asked. “No,” I responded confidently. “Like other fringe protest parties in the past, it will fizzle quickly. Their message is too negative.”

I have never been so wrong in my life!

Wisconsin Republicans Set Deadline to Pass Anti-Union Bill Again

By: Thursday May 5, 2011 11:45 am

We’re starting to get an outline of how Wisconsin Republicans will proceed on their anti-union bill stripping most collective bargaining rights for public employees. The version they passed back in March is tied up in court, due to procedural missteps. Republicans have so far pronounced themselves innocent of the charges – but they could end that court action by simply passing the bill in the proper manner. And now, they’re setting the parameters to do that.

Late Night: Give More Power to the Elected Officials

By: Monday April 11, 2011 8:00 pm

Illustrating something about the Wisconsin debate I find endlessly interesting: Just how not ready for prime time any of these people are. First Walker gets punked by some dude pretending to be a Koch-hole, then they run the assembly debates like they’re first-timers at student council, then they all say some stuff during the Supreme Court election that makes you wonder if student council couldn’t teach them a thing or two.

Wisconsin: Anti-Union Bill Published Despite Restraining Order

By: Friday March 25, 2011 4:23 pm

When I first read about this, I actually dismissed it. There was no way that the laws of the state of Wisconsin would be so consistently abrogated in this fashion, I thought. Well, fool me once…

Late Night: A Plea for Less Civility in Politics

By: Monday March 14, 2011 8:00 pm

I spent last Thursday with the Wisconsin Assembly debate on the Screw the Workers We Don’t Need ‘Em Anyway Act on in the background while I worked, and as I listened to speeches by Republicans and Democrats I was struck by something.

These people were angry. They were hurt. They were unapologetic. They said things like “lies” and “hate” and “wrong” and “unjust.” They said these things loudly.

Wisconsin: Confusion Reigns Over Legality of Anti-Union Bill Passage in Wisconsin

By: Thursday March 10, 2011 6:04 am

When you talk to political folks in Wisconsin, you realize that transparency and procedure matter a lot. This violation of law is actually but one of the many dubious marks on yesterday’s action, and actually all the action around the budget repair bill and the assault on workers’ rights. Perhaps the open meetings violation could be rectified merely by waiting another day and starting over. But there are all the questions surrounding the content of the bill itself. The whole reason this ordeal has lasted three weeks is that the collective bargaining piece was tied into the budget repair bill, which had a fiscal impact. That’s what triggered the quorum requirement. But the Republicans supposedly stripped out the fiscal pieces and passed a purely non-fiscal bill last night in the Senate, and later this morning they’ll do the same in the Assembly.

Wisconsin: Sen. Jauch Says 6 or 7 Republican Senators Don’t Want to Strip Collective Bargaining

By: Tuesday March 8, 2011 3:30 pm

Now, Sen. Bob Jauch (D) has delivered the hammer blow. Jauch, one of the Senate Democrats who has been involved in negotiations, released a long statement on his role in the talks, where he let slip that a half-dozen Republicans or more are wavering on the bill. Only three are needed to shift the advantage to Democrats.

Wisconsin: Walker Antagonizes the Only Democrats Willing to Talk to Him

By: Monday March 7, 2011 7:15 pm

If Senate Democrats needed a shot of extra resolve to continue to block the plans of Scott Walker, they just got it. . . from Walker himself.

Wisconsin: Senate Dem Leader Seeks Meeting with Walker

By: Monday March 7, 2011 12:05 pm

Wisconsin State Senate Democratic Leader Mark Miller has had his staff hand-deliver a letter to Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald and Governor Scott Walker, seeking a meeting at the Illinois-Wisconsin border to resolve the impasse over the proposal to strip public employee collective bargaining rights. Discussions have been ongoing but apparently faltered last Thursday, and this offer is an effort to restart them. (update: Walker rejects Miller out-of-hand.)

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