So Does That Make Obama 50x More Empathetic Than Romney?

By: Saturday September 29, 2012 7:00 pm

A perfect example of why Mitt Romney is a bad candidate is how even at this late date he can’t figure out a way to talk about his own signature health care reform law. Romney has never found a way to deal with the fact that in design Romneycare and Obamacare are very similar, yet the Republican Party demands Romney strongly oppose Obamacare. To defend himself from charges of not caring enough about regular people Romney pointed to his health care law.


Obamacare Might Be Easier to Defend if It Currently Existed

By: Wednesday September 5, 2012 4:33 pm

If the ACA was designed to start expanding coverage to millions of people before the election, that tangible experience for regular people could have changed opinions about the law and Obama. Instead, by delaying the law Democrats are forced to sell it using only a very few real examples of it in action. Mostly it is sold based on promises that weren’t even designed to materialize for several more years.

Trying to run on an “achievement” that for practical purposes still hasn’t been achieved yet is not easy.

Sunday Late Night: What Might Mitt Do Now?

By: Sunday July 15, 2012 8:01 pm

Having slipped through the sieve-like oppo research departments of the vast political apparatus of the Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul campaigns, Mitt Romney and the GOP now face a dilemma. The former governor of Massachusetts discarded so much of his previous political identity in pursuit of this year’s presidential nomination that he’s got nothing but the tiny, sinking, tropical offshore island named Bain to justify his candidacy.

And that secretive world is slipping away, swiftly.

The Supreme Court and the ACA: If Only We Had Realized How Crazy We’ve Become

By: Sunday June 24, 2012 11:50 am

Among the growing number of stories speculating on the potential outcomes of the Supreme Court’s decision on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act’s mandates and coverage expansion, we’re also seeing articles like this — Supporters Slow to Grasp Health Law’s Legal Risks — by Peter Baker of the New York Times. Baker suggests that the ACA’s defenders, and particularly the Obama Administration’s lawyers, were too slow in realizing the legal risks facing the ACA. That may be true, but not for the reasons often suggested.

Dayen’s Roundup from March 26, 2012

By: Tuesday March 27, 2012 6:15 am

Dayen’s news roundup from Monday Standing Day, March 26, 2012, including stories on Trayon Martin, forclosures, Richard Cordray, Syria, Turkey, bailouts, mic check, David Cameron, NLRB, Romneycare, Laura Richardson, Wisconsin, Tea Party and more.

Romney Again Pledges to Repeal ‘ObamaCare’

By: Friday March 23, 2012 12:05 pm

Mitt Romney used an op-ed in USA Today to again reaffirm his commitment to completely repealing and replacing ‘ObamaCare’ if elected. This op-ed is directed primarily at conservatives who still question Romney’s commitment to their causes, especially after the latest Etch-A-Sketch by his campaign.

GOP Debate Candidates Can’t Answer Fla. Woman Who Asks for Health Insurance

By: Friday January 27, 2012 10:35 am

During Thursday night’s GOP debate, a woman from Florida told the candidates she’d lost her job and with it her health insurance. What would each of the candidates do to get her covered or otherwise provide the health care she needed?

You had to listen carefully, but the effective answer they all gave her was, “this is your problem, not ours.”

Late Night: GOP Epic Fail!

By: Tuesday December 27, 2011 8:01 pm

Mark Belling, sitting in for Rush Limbaugh today, happened to notice that none of the current GOP candidates is worthy of running for the office. Seems they’re either not crazy enough or they support RomneyCare or they’re just wingnuts. Who knew? It’s time for Elmer Fudd to go hunting.

Boston Globe Proclaims RomneyCare Successful at Transferring Wealth from Consumers to Big Health Care

By: Sunday June 26, 2011 12:30 pm

The article proclaims that RomneyCare “achieved its main goals.” But nowhere in the 4,600+ word article does it treat “ensuring MA residents get access to health care” as one of RomneyCare’s goals. Instead, it reports on RomneyCare’s great success at ensuring MA residents get health insurance. And given the article’s admission that the cost of the program is unsustainable, the distinction is critical.

ObamaCare vs. RyanCare: Scarecrow Gets Confused With “Serious” Strawmen

By: Saturday June 25, 2011 7:52 am

Ever since Jon Walker and I pointed out the real and superficial similarities between Paul Ryan’s proposed RyanCare for future seniors and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) structure for non-seniors, numerous pundits have been trying to deny either the similarities or the differences.

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