The Anarcho-Rightists

By: Sunday July 31, 2011 11:53 am

The President thinks he can do business with anarcho-rightists. It won’t happen. The wreckers will destroy the economy rather than “do business”.


Strange Tales from a Strange Time: Nixon, Ailes, Cameron, Murdoch

By: Friday July 22, 2011 6:00 pm

Watching the fall of Rupert Murdoch play itself out has brought back old, old memories. Memories of the only political scandal I’ve experienced in my homeland that comes even close to what’s been unfolding in the UK right now: Watergate. And to judge from this British piece and this Canadian one, I’m not the only person to be thinking of Watergate in connection with all of this.

“The Sixties” Debate

By: Sunday May 22, 2011 9:30 am

We were idling away the evening on the balcony, drinking wine and talking about everything from the Keith Richards book to Medicare cuts. Our neighbors – she a world class blues singer; he an accomplished painter, musician and entertaining raconteur – were just paying a warm, old-American style social call.

But when I happened to mention that many today consider our generation, the Sixties generation, a failure, I set the singer’s eyes ablaze and we took off on a lively historical survey of the last few decades.

On Bradley Manning’s Guilt, Who Will Be Barack Obama’s John Mitchell?

By: Friday April 22, 2011 2:55 pm

Immediately upon reading Michael Whitney’s post about President Barack Obama’s statement to Logan Price about Bradley — “we are a nation of laws…. he broke the law!” — I was reminded of Richard Nixon’s statement about Charles Manson in the midst of his trial. . . .

David House: Obama Channels Nixon With New Charges Against Bradley Manning

By: Wednesday March 2, 2011 3:45 pm

David House: “Through WikiLeaks we have been given direct evidence that the White House openly lies to congress and the American people in order to achieve political ends. Richard Nixon, in an attempt to stifle government transparency, once called Ellsberg “the most dangerous man in America” and accused him of “providing aid and comfort to the enemy.” Today we see the Obama administration continuing the legacy Nixon started by declaring whistleblowers as enemies of the state. It is a sad and dangerous day for transparency advocates everywhere.”

Bradley Manning Charged with “Aiding the Enemy”

By: Wednesday March 2, 2011 2:05 pm

The Department of Defense is holding a press conference to announce new charges against Bradley Manning. Now that the government’s case against Julian Assange is falling apart, the Pentagon is ratcheting up the pressure on Manning.

The government alleged nothing regarding “aiding and abetting the enemy” when they originally charged Manning in July of 2010. Surely they must have new and compelling evidence to substantiate such serious charges. If not, they’re just bringing the full force of the state down on Manning’s head because he would not give them a false confession against Julian Assange they needed to make their case.

FDL Movie Night: Phil Ochs: There But For Fortune

By: Monday January 3, 2011 5:00 pm

Set against the backdrop of the 1960s through the end of the Vietnam War, Phil Ochs: There but for Fortune traces the life and music of singer songwriter Phil Ochs, who committed suicide in 1976. Ochs was a driven artist and activist who sense of social justice was at times in conflict with his desire for recognition, a tragic American hero with a history of bipolar disorder whose life and work was deeply enmeshed with the cultural and political tapestry of his time.

Hugh Hewitt a Helpful Reminder of Just How Radical the Right is in 2010

By: Friday December 31, 2010 10:30 am

The biggest problem with American politics today is that we’ve only got two parties. One of them is corrupt, and the other is corrupt and crazy. Now, mind you — I don’t use that term lightly. I mean really, absolutely nuts, certifiable — head-trauma crazy. And today, Hugh Hewitt’s unhinged column at Clownhall demonstrates just how crazy the right has become.

Conrad Black: NY Times’ Reporting on Nixon’s Bigotry Worse Than Nixon’s Bigotry

By: Thursday December 23, 2010 10:30 am

In case you missed it, the New York Times reported on some newly released recordings of Richard Nixon doing an excellent impression of Archie Bunker.

Remember Hubert Humphrey?

By: Sunday August 29, 2010 5:00 pm

Hubert Humphrey lost in 1968 to the monster Richard Nixon. Should anti-war activists have worked hard for his election?

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