Senate Should Get It Together, Vote on 9/11 Health Care Bill

By: Tuesday December 21, 2010 9:30 am

Jon Stewart got the ball rolling, and now even Shepard Smith is so disgusted by GOP obstructionism on the 9/11 health care bill that he read a list of the names of Republican senators who would not appear on Fox News to speak on the issue. DeMint, McConnell, Graham, Hatch, McCain… nobody wants to appear on TV and take responsibility for what they are doing. It’s revolting that the GOP has demagogued 9/11 to facilitate the wholesale looting of the U.S. Treasury in just about every conceivable fashion, but they don’t want to take responsibility for what happened to those we sent in to clean up the mess.


Democrats Blame Senate GOP for Failure to Govern; Voters Still Blame Democrats

By: Thursday July 15, 2010 9:45 am

Democrats have failed to govern despite occupying large majorities in Congress and the Presidency, while placing the blame for their failure on Republican Senate obstructionism. Yet “ignorant” average voters who are uninformed about the filibuster fantasy have correctly put the blame for failure squarely on the majority party.

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