Podcast: The Case of Sharif Mobley, Detained American Possibly Killed in Saudi Attack in Yemen

Kat Craig, legal director for Reprieve
Kat Craig, legal director for Reprieve
Sharif Mobley is a US citizen, who was kidnapped in Yemen and has been in detention for five years. The FBI is known to have interrogated him. His life has been increasingly endangered as war rages in Yemen, and this past week the military compound, where he has been held, was bombed.

His family and lawyers representing him are afraid he has been killed. They have pled for assistance from the United States State Department. Like previous attempts to obtain assistance, the US government has failed the American’s family miserably.

Authorities in Yemen (and presumably the US government as well) claim that Mobley attempted to escape a hospital after he was kidnapped. He has been accused of shooting a guard, who died later, and faces a murder charge. That has been the justification by the Yemen government for his continued detention. It does not, however, justify how he has essentially been held incommunicado.

On the “Unauthorized Disclosure” weekly podcast, Kat Craig is the show’s guest. She is the legal director of the international human rights non-governmental organization, Reprieve. She has worked extensively on Mobley’s case.

Kat Craig, legal director for Reprieve, which is an international human rights non-governmental organization, joins the show to talk about Sharif Mobley’s case.

Later in the episode, hosts Rania Khalek and Kevin Gosztola talk about the Obama administration being ordered to redact and prepare videos of Guantanamo Bay force-feeding for release. Khalek highlights the $1.9 million in arms being given to Israel by the Obama administration. Khalek and Gosztola also talk about the made-up terrorist group in Syria, “Khorasan Group,” which the US government conjured to build support for war. Finally, Gosztola delves into the importance of the expiration of Patriot Act provisions.

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