The Internet’s Own Boy: Remembering Aaron Swartz (#SXSW)

By: Tuesday March 11, 2014 3:17 pm

At the beginning of 2013, the Internet lost one of its most radical, most pioneering minds when Aaron Swartz took his own life. In just 26 years, Swartz pioneered technologies like RSS syndication and the Creative Commons (both of which are in daily use here at Firedoglake), was a founder at Reddit, and led a successful fight against the destructive proposed Internet legislation SOPA. The Internet’s Own Boy, the new documentary from Brian Knappenberger (We Are Legion), is the story of his life and death.


Aaron Swartz’s Lawyers Allege Prosecutor Engaged in Professional Misconduct

By: Thursday March 14, 2013 9:00 am

In a letter written to the Department Of Justice’s Office of Professional Responsibility, Aaron Swartz’s attorneys, Elliot Peters and Daniel Purcell, allege that U.S Prosecutor Steve Heymann engaged in professional misconduct. Swartz’s lawyers allege that Heymann did not follow proper procedure in turning over evidence and securing a warrant.

Aaron Swartz’s Partner Accuses Prosecutors of Misconduct as Quinn Norton Details Grand Jury Testimony

By: Monday March 4, 2013 11:25 am

As first reported at emptywheel, federal prosecutors used Aaron Swartz’s involvement with a political manifesto to justify prolonging their investigation of him. Now Swartz’s partner, Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman, is calling out prosecutors for using the benign writing as a pretext for a politically motivated investigation.

Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman said she was “angry and really upset” when she learned from congressional staffers from the government oversight committee that a document written by Swartz five years ago was a key element in his prosecution.

“I was surprised that the Department of Justice would be so bold, that their motivation was so political,” Stinebrickner-Kauffman said. “That it wasn’t just one prosecutor run amok, that it was about Aaron’s political views.”

#D12 Gulf Port Action, One Year Later

By: Wednesday December 12, 2012 7:15 pm

One year ago today, Occupy Oakland declared a National Day of Action against Goldman-Sachs.

The action would center on the Port of Oakland, which they shut down for over two days. Solidarity actions around the country took place at other ports, at Walmart distribution centers, and Goldman-Sachs offices in New York City.

About 200 occupiers from around Texas gathered at Occupy Houston’s encampment, Tranquility Park, and from there traveled to the Port of Houston where we blockaded the main entrance. There were twenty arrests.

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