FDL Movie Night: A History Lesson Pt 1

By: Monday October 11, 2010 5:00 pm

For Los Angeles punk rockers, sprawl of the city, the swaths of freeways gave punks from all parts of the city–the Valley to the South Bay– opportunities to merge and mosh. When sixteen year old Dave Travis’ dad gave him a video camera, Dave began documenting the flourishing scene, and out of thousands of hours of footage comes A History Lesson Pt 1 which links four bands that helped shape modern American music.

SST Records was a pivot point for punk music with a roster of acts and a flourishing touring network. In A History Lesson Pt 1, we meet four different acts associated with SST: The Meat Puppets, the Minutemen, Twisted Roots and Redd Kross. Live footage–including full length songs–is interspersed with interviews from the bands. The anarchistic roots of SST are clear in the story of the Meat Puppets–the band shared a bill with SST’s Black Flag in Phoenix and was invited to open for them in Costa Mesa, CA. The Meat Puppet’s country-tinged psychedelic punk jams caused a riot a the club; surf soaked hard core fans just couldn’t wrap their heads around the jams. The musical anarchy appealed to Black Flag guitarist/SST founder Greg Ginn who immediately signed the Meat Puppets to his label.


FDL Movie Night: New Brow: Contemporary Underground Art

By: Monday April 12, 2010 5:00 pm

Tanem Davidson’s New Brow: Contemporary Underground Art presents a through line for the development of this uniquely American genre of painting which burst out of Abstract Expressionism through the Pop Art’s screened realism into a chrome flecked, hyper-sexualized, fuel-injected dream state. The icons of childhood–Rat Fink, hot rods, movie monsters, robots, toys, cartoons–conjoin in transgressive, illicit intercourse with tikis, animals, dead presidents, dollar signs, slogans, guns, girls, raw meat, and bombs; characters live in their own universes fraught with action and symbols, caught in moments just before, just after Something Happened.

Malcolm McLaren: DEAD!

By: Thursday April 8, 2010 1:00 pm

Today, the New York Times announced that Malcom McLaren, the man behind the Sex Pistols–and Adam & the Ants and BowWowWow–has died of mesothelioma at a hospital in Switzerland. He was 64.

Saturday Art: John Roecker’s Video Manifesto on Creativity and Self

By: Saturday March 20, 2010 7:15 pm

Los Angeles based film director and artist John Roecker created this inspirational short film. It’s an artistic overview and a love letter to Los Angeles, punk rock and the creative spirit, plus a call for everyone to manifest their dreams. Though um, in places it’s NSFW.

Late Night: Rock and Roll Will Never Die

By: Tuesday October 13, 2009 8:19 pm

I loved Brendan Mullen, I loved how he changed our world. he will be sadly missed. And during the process of seeing him pass yesterday with his beloved wife Kateri, his friend of 32 yrs/bandmate Steve and his cousin Naill, I saw as well true compassion from the doctors and nurses in the ICU, I [...]

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