State Department Re-Ups with Blackwater

By: Friday October 1, 2010 4:35 pm

The State Department’s $10 billion, five-year contract with private security firms is finally out. Guess who’s still a part of it?


Washington Post: Contractors Cause Chaos! (But Not Corruption?)

By: Tuesday July 20, 2010 2:50 pm

Apart from aiming for another Pulitzer Prize, the other most (perhaps more) likely explanation for the style of the piece is that editors have tried so hard not to piss off the security establishment–and to stop short of voicing the conclusions that Dana Priest and William Arkin’s work support–that they’ve turned Priest and Arkin’s work into a bunch of disembodied fluff.

Manic Monday Expected in Washington: How Many Mil Contractors Are There?

By: Sunday July 18, 2010 4:00 pm

On Monday it’s expected that the Washington Post will debut a series by Dana Priest on military contractors, with an emphasis on intelligence contracting. We’ve known for some time there are far more contractors than troops, that we don’t know the exact number — which makes for a lot of interesting questions.

The Intelligence Industrial Complex Prepares for War — a War on the Truth

By: Sunday July 18, 2010 6:45 am

I’m amused by the panic revealed in a memo the Office of the Director of National Intelligence released a few weeks ago preparing all members of the intelligence community for an upcoming Dana Priest series covering the same terrain.

Erik Prince, Sanctions, and Mineral Wealth

By: Monday June 28, 2010 6:00 pm

I’m not saying this is what’s happening. But if I were a big spook, I’d love to have someone with the skill set of Prince, off in a haven protected from American law, setting up an entity that can do what Blackwater does but do so with neither the legal oversight (as if that did us a damn bit of good) nor the requirement to be paid in cash.

Spy Contractor v. Spy Contractor

By: Sunday May 16, 2010 11:30 am

In an article providing many new details about complaints from CIA about the DOD contractor, NYT’s Mark Mazzetti comes pretty close to admitting that this turf war focuses at least partly on whose contractors — rather than whose officers — are conducting the spying in Pakistan.

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