George McGovern, The First Candidate I Ever Worked For, Dead at 90

By: Sunday October 21, 2012 5:00 pm

George McGovern, the South Dakota Democrat who ran for president in 1972 as a staunch opponent of the Vietnam War and a strong advocate of economic equality, died early Sunday in Sioux Falls. He was 90.

In the fall of 1972, I was only 10, but even as a 5th-grader, I was moved by McGovern’s anti-war, pro-social-justice message. I had a “Come Home America” pin that I would wear everyday to school, and after school, I would go to the local campaign office to stuff envelopes and lick stamps.

At the crack of dawn on Election Day, I went with my father to hand out flyers to arriving workers at Litton Industries. I remember the flyers explained that you were aloud time off at the beginning or end of work to vote, and then, inside made the pitch to working Americans with the headline “How in the Hell Can You Vote for Nixon?”


Sunday Late Night: What Might Mitt Do Now?

By: Sunday July 15, 2012 8:01 pm

Having slipped through the sieve-like oppo research departments of the vast political apparatus of the Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul campaigns, Mitt Romney and the GOP now face a dilemma. The former governor of Massachusetts discarded so much of his previous political identity in pursuit of this year’s presidential nomination that he’s got nothing but the tiny, sinking, tropical offshore island named Bain to justify his candidacy.

And that secretive world is slipping away, swiftly.

Rick Santorum Suspends Presidential Campaign

By: Tuesday April 10, 2012 11:50 am

At an afternoon rally Rick Santorum announced that he was effectively ending his campaign for the Republican Party’s Presidential nomination. In the past few weeks it has become clear that there was no way Santorum could stop Romney, particularly after Santorum lost Illinois and Wisconsin. Both the Republican establishment and the GOP base have come around to accepting that Romney is inevitable.

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