Politifact Blows Call on AFRICOM

By: Tuesday June 17, 2014 1:20 pm

Recently Politifact weighed in on a brazen statement made by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in her book Hard Choices. Clinton claimed “The U.S. military footprint in Africa is nearly nonexistent.” A claim Politifact ruled as “True” which is the highest ranking their evaluation system has and rangers from “True” to “Pants on Fire” for claims that are outright false. The “True” rating is the best rating for the truthfulness of a statement that is evaluated.


PolitiFact Names ‘You can keep your insurance’ Lie of the Year

By: Friday December 13, 2013 8:31 am

While there’s some value in highlighting this deception now that almost everyone acknowledges it, what is really important is pointing out when politicians are lying about their policy proposals before that lie is able to accomplish its objective.

The Lie of the Year Should Be Obama’s Promise Not to Raise Taxes on the Middle Class

By: Wednesday December 19, 2012 9:24 am

Even before Obama’s second term begins, he has rushed to break this campaign promise. Obama has pushed for a deficit deal that includes a switch to chained-CPI. Switching to a lower inflation measure would not only cut Social Security benefits, it would end up being a significant tax increase on the middle class by causing tax brackets to raise more slowly. While the tax increase would be very small at first, over the next decade it would mean the middle class will pay ten of billions more in taxes.

Romney Wants Everyone to Simply Trust That He Paid at Least 13% in Taxes Every Year

By: Thursday August 16, 2012 6:30 pm

Mitt Romney clearly wants the issue of his tax returns to go away. At the same time he adamantly refuses to do the one thing that would make the issue go away: release more returns. So Romney’s newest strange attempt to get the media to drop the issue without him actually providing any real transparency is to claim he has looked at his tax returns for us and we should take his word that he paid at least 13 percent in taxes every year.

By PolitiFact “Standards,” Romney’s Pants Are Also on Fire

By: Tuesday August 7, 2012 9:00 am

It appears not only is irony lost on Mitt Romney but it’s also lost on the so called “fact checkers” at PolitiFact. The organization took a look at Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s claim that someone connected to Bain Capital informed him it is unlikely Romney paid any taxes for a decade. Politifact could find no proof that someone didn’t say this to Reid nor any proof that Romney did pay taxes, but it still declared Reid’s statement a “pants on fire.”

News Roundup from June 3, 2012

By: Monday June 4, 2012 6:20 am

Fatster’s news roundup from the June 3, 2012, including weekend stories about, Scott Walker, Jeb Bush, Mark Kirk, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, state budgets, Paul Krugman, Federal Reserve, corporate profits, Politifact, John Paul Stevens, Hillary Clinton, MERS, George Zimmerman, and much more.

The Politics of Lying

By: Sunday April 29, 2012 8:00 pm

One of my favorite authors, David Wise, published a book in 1973 called The Politics of Lying: Government Deception, Secrecy, and Power. At the time, of course, Watergate was rapidly unfolding, and the first President since Andrew Johnson was about to be impeached for, well, lying. I know it seems quaint today, when actually telling the truth about anything is seen as more politically damaging, but back then, people were still offended about being lied to, for which reason liars at least had some fear of getting caught.

Politifact’s Journalistic Research: Buying Whatever Business Lobbies Are Selling

By: Friday December 23, 2011 7:07 am

Politifact won the “Pompous Response to Criticism of the Year” award yesterday for their rebuttal to criticism about their awarding of the Lie of the Year to the correct claim by Democrats that Paul Ryan’s Path to Prosperity budget would end Medicare.

Politifact Disgraces Themselves with “Lie of the Year” Award

By: Tuesday December 20, 2011 10:15 am

Politifact just told a whopper. It declared as a “lie” the fact that Paul Ryan’s proposal to transform Medicare from a government guaranteed benefit program to a voucher for private insurance that doesn’t guarantee benefits would not end Medicare. Politifact should have given the “lie of the year” award to itself.

PolitiFact “As We Know It”: Medicare Means Whatever GOP Says It Means

By: Thursday April 21, 2011 4:18 pm

Apparently, if I blow up your Ferrari but I replace it with an old Honda Civic, I haven’t actually destroyed your car; at least according to the bizarre logic used by PolitiFact.

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