MSNBC Suspends Alec Baldwin Over Anti-Gay Slurs, Heat Is On Hate Speech Actor

By: Saturday November 16, 2013 12:16 pm

Enough with the sorry, Alec. Do something, something aside from revealing you have a gay hairdresser.


Obama the Conservative?

By: Thursday December 24, 2009 5:15 pm

One of the crowning ironies of the swarms of reflexive Obamapologists attacking FDL for working with conservatives like Grover Norquist concerning the details of Rahm Emanuel’s Freddie Mac stewardship as reported by the Chicago Tribune is that they didn’t raise so much as a peep of protest when the ACLU, CAF and PFAW worked with the guy.

Why I Reached Out to Grover Norquist on Fannie/Freddie

By: Wednesday December 23, 2009 6:00 pm

If Obama/Rahm want to triangulate against progressives (and they do), they’re not the only ones who can make cause with people on the other side of the aisle. If that’s what it takes to shake up the corporate domination if our political system, we’ve done it before and we can do it again. Because working within the traditional political order to support “progressives” whose conviction lasts only as long as it doesn’t matter just doesn’t seem to be working.

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