Sandra Fluke Is The Rosa Parks Of Vaginas

By: Tuesday November 27, 2012 2:02 pm

Hoo boy, Young Master Ex-Virgin Ben Shapiro is pitching a hate-tent in his pants because Time magazine is considering Sandra Fluke as a possible Person of the Year, even though she is a woman, so not really a “person” per se.


Officer, please, for God’s sake, they’re looting the Food King!

By: Tuesday November 6, 2012 9:00 am

It seems that the Teabaggers got a little more organized this year, outside of recruiting pro-rapey candidates, and they up and formed themselves a Concerned White Citizens Council-y thing charged with sittin’ around on their hoverounds at the polling places and making sure that the browns and the blahs don’t get uppity and try and white-man vote. This new group is called True The Vote.

Matthew Boyle Needs a New Hobby
And Are You Going to Eat the Rest of Those Fries?

By: Saturday September 22, 2012 8:35 am

Future Nobel Prize Winner for Journalism and certified “genius” (according to one of the guys at Buzzfeed – probably the LOLcat Editor) Matthew Boyle has a lot of time on his hands after it turned out that Attorney General Eric Holder wasn’t the head of Mexico’s largest and most violent drug/gun/counterfeit plaster Hello Kitty piggy-bank cartel, so now Matt’s just kind of hanging around the office, checking out what everyone else is doing, sitting in his cubicle working on his paperclip chain-mail for this weekend’s Ye Olde Renaissance Faire & Car Swappe Meete, and seeing how many Rolos he can shove in his mouth at one time.

Not Waving but Drowning

By: Wednesday August 8, 2012 6:00 am

First Dude stalker Greta Van Susteren had South Carolina Governor Nikki “Not Gonna Be The Veep” Haley on her I’ll Tee It Up and You Try And Hit It talk thing to discuss Haley’s sweet gig talking to an empty RNC Convention Hall while the delegates are lined up to play touch-the-tit with a reasonable facsimile of their wildest dreams (and I don’t mean dessicated corpse of Ronnie R.).

Great Moments in Tucker Carlson

By: Friday July 20, 2012 7:05 pm

Also, when we come back … some people were shot and died and we have also have video of Dancing With The Stars hostess Brooke Burke Charvet sporting a teeny bikini.

Big Sky Sideshow

By: Sunday June 17, 2012 6:45 am

Real ‘Muricans in Montana and their funny Kenyan Usurper Bathroom Humor.

Tagteam Punditry

By: Sunday April 29, 2012 11:30 am

Shorter Frank Luntz, shorter Jonah Goldberg.

One Girl, One Cup

By: Sunday February 26, 2012 6:50 am

You may be aware of the term “puke funnel” which is used to describe either a well-orchestrated right-wing campaign to smear and discredit people or, depending upon the topic, to create a new and improved reality more amenable to the instigators’ needs. A classic example is how Ahmad Chalabi plied Judith Miller with access and lies about WMD’s in Iraq which Miller unquestioningly reported, only to have Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Colin Powell, and Condoleezza Rice cite her reporting as further evidence for the need to go to war.

You can see the same forces at work in the matter of Peter Gleick and the Heartland Institute papers as the people who support the institute unleash their yappy attack dogs on Gleick in order to deflect from the fact that Heartland is a corporate front group for companies who see the world as their ashtray.

Freedom Now Requires 72-Hour Notice and a Non-Refundable Deposit

By: Sunday December 4, 2011 7:00 pm

ndustrialist rentboy Gov. Scott Walker, having given away all of the Wisconsin’s remaining money to his corporatist sugar daddies, needs to fill the state coffers again and he figured the best place to get his hands on some green is from the people who hate his guts, which is pretty much everyone in the state who’ve lost everything except for their freedom to assemble and speak. And now even that is going to cost them.

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