NYT Releases Unredacted Report on “U.S. Aid for Ex-Nazis”

By: Sunday November 14, 2010 12:30 pm

The New York Times has released a full unredacted version version of the Department of Justice’s Office of Special Investigation (OSI) “Striving for Accountability in the Aftermath of the Holocaust.” According to NYT reporter Eric Lichtblau, “The Justice Department has resisted making the report public since 2006.” A “heavily redacted” version was released last month to the private National Security Archive, and now a leaked version of the entire document has been released to the public.

The evocation of words like “accountability” in the context of suppressed documents, leaks, and war crimes has an eerie resonance today for those fighting for accountability for U.S. torture.


Senior Greek Official: “We May Have an Uprising in the Making”

By: Thursday May 6, 2010 6:01 am

Over a hundred thousand Greek protesters took to the streets and shut down the country as popular unrest grew, aimed at a viciously strict austerity program, dictated by the Germans and the IMF to help pay for an economic bailout of Greece. The crisis has threatened the stability of both the European Union and the Euro, and is sending political tremors across the continent.

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