Fatster’s Roundup

By: Monday April 8, 2013 4:45 am

❖ CIA drones over Pakistan: the origins. Pakistan wanted to kill Nek Muhammed, a Taliban ally considered an enemy of the state by the government. The CIA agreed to do the deed (in June 2004)–in exchange for access to airspace for drone use.

❖ UK’s Chilcot Inquiry has heretofore secret evidence “that former prime minister Tony Blair was told that Iraq had, at most, only a trivial amount of [WMDs] and that Libya was . . . a far greater threat.”

❖ A Newt Gingrich (R) campaign worker has “pleaded guilty to felony counts of fraud and perjury”.


Fatster’s Roundup

By: Tuesday February 26, 2013 4:45 am

❖ Grounding the F-35 fleet “will complicate a push this week by Lockheed and U.S. officials to convince Australian lawmakers and generals . . . to buy 100 of the jets.”

❖ Bill Black: “President Obama has revealed his real preferences in the current blame game by not calling for a clean bill eliminating the Sequester. . .. The only logical inference . . . is that Obama remains committed to inflicting the ‘Grand Bargain’ . . . on the nation”.

❖ “Most Mass Shootings Target Women and Families; Study Finds Men With Legal Guns Are to Blame: Data suggests that a gun present in a domestic violence situation increases the risk of homicide for women by 500 percent”.

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