Late Night: Federally Funded Group Fans Batshit Crazy Flames Over Local Zoning Issue

By: Monday August 23, 2010 8:00 pm

Mosque haters get paid federal bucks to paint themselves into a corner.


Howard Dean Joins Harry Reid, Wishes Muslims Weren’t So Insensitive

By: Wednesday August 18, 2010 6:20 pm

Howard Dean, who once stood for some decent principles, tells us that those who want to build a Muslim center in New York City should be looking for a “compromise” that would place the center somewhere that didn’t cause a controversy. So long, Howard.

Morning Swim: August 9th, 2010

By: Monday August 9, 2010 5:00 am

A brief look at what’s happening in the news on the morning of August 9th, 2010.

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