Joan Walsh Mocks Mormon’s Last Tag With Dead People Game

By: Wednesday February 29, 2012 6:15 am

Mitt Romney regurgitated another one of his focus-group approved mad-libs Tuesday night about “saving the soul of America.” Presumably he meant saving America’s soul from THAT BLACK MAN who, until 1978, would have been considered a second class citizen within the Mormon church. So Joan Walsh from Salon/MSNBC responded on the twitter device with something that almost awakened the dead.


FDL Late Night: Jon Huntsman, Homeless, Pulls a Coulter on Voter Reg

By: Friday March 25, 2011 8:01 pm

Outgoing Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman, known everywhere as The Sane Moderate One (or The Other Mormon Dude) among 2012 Goat Rodeo participants, has a bit of an “oopsie” of the Ann Coulter variety when it comes to his voter registration…

FDL Movie Night: “8: The Mormon Proposition”

By: Monday June 14, 2010 5:00 pm

During the Prop 8 aftermath I watched as the manager of the landmark El Coyote restaurant sobbed through a community meeting, trying to stave off a boycott of her family business. Her Mormon bishop had told her to write a check to support Prop 8, and she did, even though she claimed she loved her LGBT customers and employees. It was stunning and appalling. 8: The Mormon Proposition takes us into the mindset of Mormon leaders and their followers like Margy who were just following The Prophet’s orders.

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