The Republican Leadership, Not Ted Cruz, Is Really to Blame for This Mess

By: Friday September 20, 2013 8:20 am

While Sen. Cruz is at fault for championing an idiotic idea, it would never have become a problem if the rest of the party hadn’t acted like a bunch of cowards. If as soon as the idea was first floated the top Congressional Republicans had actively pointed out that the idea was stupid, unworkable, and likely to damage the party, they could have quickly put a stop to it.


Jeffrey Katzenberg Throws Hollywood Muscle, Money Into Kentucky Senate Race

By: Wednesday September 4, 2013 6:11 pm

Hollywood mega-mogul and major Democrat donor Jeffrey Katzenberg, the guy who dined with Obama the night he was last on The Tonight Show, wants to make it rain in Kentucky, hoping his efforts will produce clouds and curtains for the KY Republican Senator Mitch McConnell.

McConnell’s Pathetic Predicament on Obamacare Shutdown Threat

By: Wednesday August 14, 2013 10:20 am

This is a sad but remarkable statement about the state of the current Republican Party. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) publicly acknowledged that Republicans’ threat to shut down the government to stop the Affordable Care Act won’t actually prevent the law from being implemented, but he is afraid to actually oppose the plan.

Democratic Polls Show Mitch McConnell Narrowly Losing

By: Friday August 2, 2013 5:58 pm

If two new polls done for Democratically aligned groups and Democrat challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes are to be believed then Senator Mitch McConnell (R) is currently narrowly trailing in his Kentucky re-election bid.

No Conservative Is Safe — Even McConnell Gets a Primary Challenger

By: Monday July 22, 2013 10:50 am

Despite being a solid conservative, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is likely facing a Tea Party-aligned challenger in the Republican primary next year.

Corker Actually Calls Bullshit on McConnell Over Nuclear Option Deal

By: Thursday July 18, 2013 8:50 am

The idea that the minority party has power over routine issues in the Senate is total nonsense. The minority only has power because the majority has maintained a tradition of needlessly giving the minority non-constitutional veto. As soon as the majority decides to end this silly practice, the minority loses all leverage.

Unions Sacrificed in Reid-McConnell Filibuster Deal

By: Wednesday July 17, 2013 6:40 am

While some are trumpeting the deal reached between Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on filibustered nominees, the devil is in the details. Part of the deal involved President Obama withdrawing nominees to the National Labor Relations Board, a move one union leader considers a betrayal.

McConnell: Obamacare Is Likely to Be the “Premiere Issue in the 2014 Election”

By: Monday July 15, 2013 12:25 pm

Republicans have grown increasingly convinced that even after it is implemented the Affordable Care Act will remain a successful political weapon for them. Speaker John Boehner has scheduled a vote this week on the employer and individual mandates to try to embarrass House Democrats. On Meet the Press Senate Minority Leader called it the premiere issue of the next election. From MTP:

Filibuster Reform Would Save the Senate, Not Kill It

By: Friday July 12, 2013 11:46 am

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) turned his rhetoric up to 11 by claiming Harry Reid (D-NV) would “kill the Senate” if we move to make it easier to confirm executive nominees to executive branch positions. McConnell’s team even went so far as to tweet a picture of Reid’s tombstone to drive home the point.

How Staggered Senate Elections Are Causing a Serious Headache for Mitch McConnell

By: Friday July 5, 2013 12:45 pm

Democrats are surprisingly excited that Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes decided to challenge Mitch McConnell (R) in next year’s Senate race. While she is technically a top tier recruit, if this were a normal election cycle or if all Senate races took place the same year, this announcement would not garner the same level of attention.

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