“I Hate That Oil’s Dropping”: Why Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant Wants High Oil Prices for Fracking

By: Wednesday November 26, 2014 6:02 pm

Outgoing Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission (IOGCC) chairman Phil Bryant — Mississippi’s Republican Governor — started his farewell address with a college football joke at IOGCC’s recent annual conference in Columbus, Ohio.
“As you know, I love SEC football. Number one in the nation Mississippi State, number three in the nation Ole Miss, got a lot of energy behind those two teams,” Bryant said in opening his October 21 speech. “I try to go to a lot of ball games. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it and somebody’s gotta be there.”

Seconds later, things got more serious.


Haley Barbour PAC Connected to Racially Charged Ads In Mississippi Senate Race as Vote Buying Allegations Surface

By: Thursday July 3, 2014 11:00 am

The GOP civil war in Mississippi continues as Chris McDaniel’s campaign to force a special election targets not only Senator Thad Cochran for voter fraud but former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour’s PAC for using misleading racially charged ads against a fellow Republican. The ads from “Citizens for Progress” claim Chris McDaniel, among other things, wants to take African-Americans back to the “good ole’ bad days.”

Though cynical, what Barbour did is not illegal. What is illegal is another allegation made by supporters of Chris McDaniel concerning “vote buying.”

GOP Civil War Breaks Out Over Mississippi Senate Election Results

By: Friday June 27, 2014 6:51 am

After Chris McDaniel refused to concede on Tuesday night in a highly contested runoff between himself and Senator Thad Cochran citing voting irregularities, the Tea Party wing of the GOP got to work seeking to discredit the official election results claiming that election fraud had occurred. The GOP establishment responded by mocking the Tea Party and hinting at racial bias. And thus began an ever worsening rift in the Mississippi GOP that is spreading throughout the Republican Party nationwide.

Chris McDaniel Refuses To Concede To Thad Cochran In Close Mississippi Senate Race

By: Wednesday June 25, 2014 6:45 am

Instead of conceding, McDaniel claimed the election had been stolen from him and said that “liberal Democrats” were able to decide the Republican primary. Presumably McDaniel was referring to Senator Thad Cochran’s late effort to rely on African-American support in the open primary – which is legal. Though the depth of that support is hard to quantify.

Late Night: Nailbiter in Misissippi Senate Runoff

By: Tuesday June 24, 2014 8:00 pm

The Mississippi Republican Senate runoff is down to the wire.

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Poll Shows Sen. Thad Cochran Set to Lose to Conservative Challenger Tomorrow

By: Monday June 23, 2014 8:30 am

The Mississippi Republican Senate primary runoff is taking place tomorrow and it looks like long time senator Thad Cochran is going to lose his chance at another term.

An Exchange Without Any Plans: If Only There Was a Public Option, Part 2,134

By: Tuesday July 2, 2013 8:30 am

Apparently, there is something worse than a new health insurance marketplace with only one plan and zero competition. It is an exchange without any plans on it at all. It looks like that will be the reality in much of Mississippi. From Kaiser Health News:

Did Alcohol Prohibition Fully End Today? Homebrewing Finally Legal in All 50 States

By: Monday July 1, 2013 8:30 am

Today is an interesting milestone for me as an active homebrewer and a drug policy expert. As of July 1st 2013, it is now finally completely legal to brew beer at home in all 50 states. A new homebrewing law in Mississippi, the last remaining hold out, goes into effect today. One could argue alcohol prohibition in the United States didn’t fully end until today.

Temporary Court Order: Mississippi’s Only Abortion Clinic to Stay Open, for Now

By: Monday July 2, 2012 11:45 am

A federal judge has stopped the closure of the last remaining abortion clinic in Mississippi, a sign of how the anti-choice movement has focused on access as much as the legality of abortion. Mississippi passed a law that would have closed this clinic, as it created onerous rules for any facility seeking to perform abortions to follow.

Dayen’s Roundup from April 17, 2012

By: Wednesday April 18, 2012 6:15 am

Dayen’s news roundup from April 17, 2017, including stories you missed — because as usual, you waited until yesterday to file your taxes — about Barney Frank, EPA, not-Secret Service, postal reform, housing prices, Bowles Simpson, IMF, Mississippi, Mitt Romney, Seamus, Quebec students, Taliban, Bill Buckley, Tom Freeman, wanker of the decade.

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