Learned Behavior: Obama’s Backtrack on Tax Rates, Debt Limit Empowered Republicans

By: Wednesday December 19, 2012 2:10 pm

The White House announced they would veto “Plan B,” John Boehner’s gambit to pass a bill extending the Bush-era tax rtes for all earners on the first $1 million of income. And Nancy Pelosi said that Boehner had better have 218 votes for such a bill, since House Democrats won’t provide any. Of course, Boehner [...]


Boehner Delivers Plan B Ultimatum

By: Wednesday December 19, 2012 1:14 pm

John Boehner just gave a “press conference” that clocked in at under a minute, where he took no questions and basically said that Democrats could either pass his “Plan B” proposal, which extends Bush-era tax rates on the first $1 million of income and does basically nothing else, or “be responsible for the largest tax increase in American history.”

As Poll Shows Public Wants Higher Taxes on the Rich, Conservative Dems Waver

By: Tuesday June 19, 2012 12:10 pm

A new poll from the National Journal shows that the principle of raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans by letting the Bush tax cuts expire remains extremely popular, even as some Democrats show trepidation about the idea.

Pelosi, White House Explain Positions on Bush Tax Cuts

By: Friday June 1, 2012 8:30 am

Nancy Pelosi’s Bush tax cut shift continues to sow confusion among the top ranks of the Democratic Party, who are struggling to find a consensus view.

Citizens Tax Justice Runs the Numbers on Pelosi’s New Tax Cut Plan

By: Thursday May 24, 2012 8:50 am

You can credibly say that Pelosi’s tax cut plan is, in large part, a tax cut plan for millionaires. As Bob McIntyre of CTJ says, “This town may never agree on who is middle-class, but surely we can agree it doesn’t include anyone who makes over a million dollars a year.”

Pelosi Shifts the Goalposts – Now Draws Line on Bush Tax Cuts at $1 Million

By: Wednesday May 23, 2012 1:15 pm

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, responding to an expected acceleration of John Boehner’s timeline on the Bush tax cuts, fired off a letter to the Speaker asking for immediate consideration of an extension of just the “low end” tax cuts – which include the Bush-era marginal rates for households making up to $1 million.

CBO: Millionaire’s Surtax Would Pay for American Jobs Act

By: Monday October 10, 2011 1:45 pm

The proposed 5.6% surtax on millionaires, essentially the creation of a new tax bracket at the $1,000,000 income level, would raise enough money to pay for the American Jobs Act, according to the Congressional Budget Office. That pay-for will be used when the Senate attempts to pass a cloture vote this week on the bill.

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