AP’s 10 Phantom Health Care Votes Keep Dwindling

By: Thursday March 4, 2010 9:31 am

As I told Rick Klein and David Chalian on TopLine yesterday, if you don’t think the endangered Freshmen and Sophomores in the House are driving the car right now, think again. Remember that magic number of 39 Democratic votes needed to join with the Republican for a majority? Well, that’s how many Freshmen and Sophomores were willing to ban together in the “oust Rangel” effort — rather than have the issue hung around their necks as a millstone in 2010:

Joe Crowley, an ally of Rangel who has also played a leadership role at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, is leading the whip count efforts on Rangel, acting as a go-between between the vulnerable freshman and sophomore Democrats, on the one hand, and Rangel and Democratic leadership on the other.

They were willing to buck leadership to oust the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee to keep their seats.

Think about that.


Obama, Democratic Leaders Want Way Forward on Health Care; Will Rank and File Follow?

By: Wednesday March 3, 2010 9:45 am

Barack Obama is set to announce a “way forward” on health care in just a couple hours, and every indication is that he will press for a reconciliation “sidecar” approach if Republicans, as expected, refuse to work on a bipartisan package. That pivot could come as soon as the next few weeks, if previous published reports calling for final passage by the Easter recess are accurate.

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