US Government Helping Arm Mexican Drug Cartels

By: Monday March 7, 2011 9:35 am

The US Government has actually been working to allow hundreds of military-style guns to be smuggled into Mexico to see where they would end up.


Rand Study: Marijuana Legalization Would Markedly Cut Mexican Drug Cartel Profits

By: Tuesday October 12, 2010 5:20 pm

The Rand Corporation is notorious for its history of pro-drug-war studies. A report of theirs from earlier this year on Proposition 19 was full of dubious claims based on what even they had to admit were just guesses. Once again, with their newest report about marijuana legalization, the Rand Corporation buries the lede from their own study, one which strongly supporters the anti-cartel claims made by marijuana reformers. While not part of the press release, the study, in fact, backs up one of the main arguments of the supporters of marijuana legalization. The study determines legalizing, taxing and regulating marijuana could eliminate all the profits the Mexican drug cartels currently make thanks to cannabis prohibition.

Prop 19: Jerry Brown Dangerously Uninformed About Consequences of Marijuana Prohibition

By: Wednesday June 30, 2010 2:45 pm

California state Attorney General and Democratic candidate for governor Jerry Brown has recently displayed a dangerous lack of knowledge about basic economics and the likely effects of marijuana legalization.

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