Iron Kay — Insurance Companies Pick Fight With Wrong Family

By: Friday February 7, 2014 4:50 pm

Dan Shea’s Aunt Kay was 83, vibrant and healthy in 2011, when she suffered terrible injuries in a head-on accident. Kay spent five months in the hospital rehabilitating and being repaired with so many metal parts that the family dubbed her “Iron Kay.”

Then the real fight began.


Goldman Sachs, Richard Posner and Republicans Get Slapped

By: Sunday October 20, 2013 10:30 am

Let’s hope that the trend of defeats for the rich and their neoliberal trolls will reach the public at large, and that things will gradually change for the better.

Statehouse Responds: Threatens to Put Medical Board Out of Business

By: Saturday April 13, 2013 11:30 am

Last month, at an emotional in hearing in Sacramento and in a San Francisco Chronicle op-ed, we called for the state agency that oversees doctors to become a stronger regulator or to go out of business. The Legislature has to renew the doctor-run medical board every ten years, and that’s this year. Sacramento apparently agrees with us.

Anti-Choice Medical Malpractice Shields Threaten to Permanently Alter Medical Care for Women

By: Saturday April 7, 2012 7:52 am

Written by Jessica Mason Pieklo for RH Reality Check. Among the new restrictions appearing in anti-abortion bills nationwide, it is the medical malpractice liability shields that have the potential to alter, perhaps permanently, women’s relationship with the civil justice system. Both Kansas and Arizona are advancing measures that exempt doctors from medical malpractice suits should [...]

Obama Writes to Congress, Cites GOP Proposals From Summit to Be Included in Health Care Bill

By: Tuesday March 2, 2010 12:45 pm

So basically, the President offers yet another set of olive branches to Republicans, which they will promptly throw on the ground and kick.

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