Mary Tillman: McChrystal appointment “a slap in the face”

By: Thursday April 14, 2011 4:42 pm

Stanley McChrystal, cashiered by the President for his staff’s unfortunate remarks about the chain of command in Rolling Stone magazine ten months ago, was appointed to lead the new White House initiative designed to assist military families. Mary Tillman, who knows something about Stanley McChrystal’s treatment of military families, does not think he is fit to serve in this role.


Obama Appoints Tarnished McChrystal to Support Military Families, Sell Iraq War Extension

By: Monday April 11, 2011 7:10 am

Late last month, I jokingly suggested that Barack Obama could emulate his “hero” Ronald Reagan by doing a progressive version of Reagan’s signature move of making appointments that are the exact opposite of the goals of the position by nominating Dennis Kucinich as Secretary of Defense and Daniel Ellsberg to head the CIA. Sadly, Obama seems to have taken a garbled version of this suggestion, as word came Sunday that Obama is creating “a high-profile initiative in support of military families” and has put war criminal and Pat Tillman cover-up leader Stanley McChrystal in charge of this operation. This is a truly Reaganesque appointment, as it is hard to imagine a military figure who has done more to harm families around the world, and now he is leading the charge to put a happy face on the devastation ten years of war has wreaked on the very small number of US families who have borne the brunt of the death and other sacrifices by our all-volunteer force.

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