Late Night: Interesting Timing on the DocX Founder’s Guilty Plea

By: Wednesday November 21, 2012 8:00 pm

Yesterday, Lorraine Brown, the founder of DocX/LPS was scheduled to plead guilty to conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud at 1 PM EST. I found out about it around 2 PM from the wonderful Lynn Syzmoniac who has nagged an noodle the US Attorney’s Office about this case 4-evah (she really is the unsung hero of this development, but Lanny Bruer managed to leave her out of his self congratulatory press release).


Why the Florida and Missouri Guilty Pleas from Docx Founder May Change the Mortgage Crisis

By: Wednesday November 21, 2012 6:00 am

Yesterday I dashed off a post about the guilty plea taken by Lorraine Brown, the founder of DocX/LPS in which she admits that it was the custom and practice of her company to employee people to forge the signatures of others and to falsely notarize those signatures creating assignments, allonges and affidavits that were both forgeries and perjuries. In short, fraud.

The Lorraine Brown Case: Accountability for Fraudulent Document Preparers, Not the Banks Who Requested the Documents

By: Tuesday November 20, 2012 3:35 pm

The Justice Department has issued their formal press release in the plea arrangement with Lorraine Brown, the former President of fraudulent foreclosure document processor DocX, a division of LPS. Brown pleaded guilty to wire and mail fraud and faces five years in prison and up to $250,000 in fines, from what DoJ describes as “a six-year scheme to prepare and file more than 1 million fraudulently signed and notarized mortgage-related documents with property recorders’ offices throughout the United States.” She also acknowledged lying to the FBI and other federal regulators investigating the scheme.

Separately, the state of Missouri, which had previously indicted Brown in the same scheme, announced their own plea agreement with her on fraudulent and forged document filings in his state.

Founder of DocX/LPS Pleads Guilty in Federal Court

By: Tuesday November 20, 2012 3:15 pm

The Founder of DocX, which later changed its name to LPS, has pleaded GUILTY in US District Court for the Middle District of Florida. In the “Factual Basis” document attached to her Plea Agreement, Lorraine Borwn, the founder of DocX, LLC, admits that the documents produced by these companies from the period 2003-2009 were forgeries.

Lender Processing Services Wriggles Out of Criminal Prosecution in Missouri

By: Friday August 3, 2012 1:43 pm

You may remember that there was one big criminal case in the foreclosure fraud scandal leading up to the settlement. Missouri Attorney General John Koster indicted Lorraine Brown, the founder and former President of the document processor DocX, for forgery and making false declarations on mortgage documents. The assumption here was that you could go up the chain from DocX, which has been shuttered since May 2010, to its corporate parent, Lender Processing Services, and then over to the big banks that hired LPS to falsify documents for them.

Well, that didn’t happen.

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