Late Night FDL: There’s Gold in Them Thar Pills

By: Friday September 16, 2011 8:00 pm

In recent years, as the mendacity and greed of the wealthiest, most powerful elements of our society have become ever more thinly veiled — and ever more unchecked — it’s become more common for people to express offhand, “We’re heading for another Gilded Age“… another era, like the late 19th century, when vast riches were concentrated in the hands of a lucky few who flaunted it brazenly.

So far, that hasn’t become literally true (yet) in the United States, but elsewhere, a tipping point might have been reached.


Death of a Generation Marks Death of America’s Middle Class

By: Thursday December 2, 2010 3:15 pm

On November 17, my mother died. She was the last surviving grandparent of my children, so her death was in a very real sense the death of a generation in our family. However, as I look back on the lives of my parents, I see that their generation represented a unique bridge in the American cultural landscape. Both of my parents were born in 1932, at the height of the Great Depression, and yet their early adult lives saw the very best of economic times for a huge middle class. Sadly, at their passing, that middle class now also is dying, as the distribution of wealth returns to its concentration into only a few hands, just as it was in the 1920′s prior to the Depression.

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