Second Verse, Worse as the First

By: Monday October 15, 2012 2:00 pm

I bet you woke up this morning wondering, “Hey. How did Atlas Shrugged Part II: The Sequeling do at the box office this weekend?”. Then you probably got distracted and went in search of Pop-Tarts and, what kind of Communist asshole buys strawberry Pop-Tarts without the icing? Might as well eat some fucking quinoa with sprout sprinkles or something.


The Obscure Charm Of The Plutocracy

By: Monday July 9, 2012 7:30 am

The media managed to capture the comments of the uber rich on their way to Mitt Romney’s for rich people only fundraiser. So here is what Mitt Romney’s people will be attempting to defuse on Monday after Mitt’s Hamptonspalooza.

Jesus of Galt’s Gulch

By: Sunday April 8, 2012 5:36 pm

Jesus H. Christ once said: “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”

Flatulent Jesus walrus Rick Warren tells Jesus to fuck all that noise.

Tomorrow’s Blog Cycle, Today

By: Sunday March 25, 2012 7:00 pm

With The Hunger Games opening today* and expected to make $100 billion kajillion dollars, you can expect at least thirty to forty posts next week by conservative bloggers claiming the film as their own since it has been a long dry spell for them since Mel Gibson’s Jesus snuff-porn and they can’t convince us of their love of that Kirk Cameron crap any more than they can fake an O-face over Mitt Romney as their standard bearer.

Brother Bobo’s Missionary & Temperance Expeditionary Force

By: Tuesday January 31, 2012 7:17 pm

To the surprise of virtually no one, Courtier to the Elitists (the elitist class lets him pretend he’s one of them because of that purty way he uses his tongue) David Brooks is quite taken with Charles Murray’s “Oh Great. Now The Fucking White Trash Is Acting Like The Coloreds.”

Mitt Romney Will Get the Government Out of Our Government

By: Tuesday January 17, 2012 7:00 am

One of the important things that we have learned from Mitt Romney on this, his fifth attempt to land one of those sweet civil service job, is that corporations are people. It is true, in fact, that most corporations exhibit more lifelike or “human” qualities than Mitt Romney; something the engineers at the Tyrell Corporation are working frantically to address with a firmware upgrade on the Nexus-6 Romneybot model before the general election gets under way.

Consider the Lilies of the Field, They Ask Not for Overtime

By: Tuesday November 29, 2011 1:30 pm

Richard Epstein explains why people shouldn’t get minimum wage, unemployment insurance and other worker protections and parts of the safety net. Those benefits just make the serfs unwilling to work harder for less.

The Laughter Curve

By: Wednesday October 19, 2011 4:15 pm

I particularly enjoyed Laffer’s contention that businesses will no longer hire lawyers & lobbyists, which would probably be true for about seven hours before they would start complaining that 9% is onerous and socialist and with those dollars they could be creating even more jobs!

Do You Know Your Enemy?

By: Tuesday October 4, 2011 3:30 pm

It’s always helpful to remember the kind of people we’re dealing with on Wall Street.

Paul Ryan Has a Soft Spot for America’s Beer/Rape Hostels

By: Wednesday August 24, 2011 6:13 pm

Congressman Paul Ryan is very serious about America’s precarious financial health which is why he is constantly trying to cut back on needless expenses like medical care for elderly Americans who are perfectly capable of breaking into medical waste containers outside of doctors offices and hospitals where they can forage for expired pharmaceutical samples and ‘gently used’ hypodermic needles. They are, after all, The Greatest Generation … or so Tom Brokaw keeps telling us.

But Ryan thinks it is also very important that we extend a helping hand to our future leaders who are painstakingly culled from our collegiate student herd population and housed in the petri dishes of future excellence more commonly referred to as “sororities’ and “fraternities.”

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