Canada’s Liberal Party Leader Calls for Legalizing Cannabis

By: Friday July 26, 2013 5:28 pm

This is a very important shift by Justin Trudeau. For Americans who don’t know about Canadian politics, the Liberal Party of Canada is one of the major parties in Canada and one of the most successful political parties in history of the world. While it did poorly in the last federal election, dropping to third place, it governed Canada for most of the 20th century.


Canada’s Liberal Party Endorses Marijuana Legalization

By: Monday January 16, 2012 11:00 am

The Liberal Party of Canada, the country’s oldest federally registered party, has endorsed a resolution calling for the legalization and regulation of marijuana in Canada. This would be roughly equivalent in the US to the Democratic national convention adopting a non-binding resolution in favor of marijuana legalization.

Political Sea Change in Canada: Two Parties Lose Big on Monday, NDP Seats Nearly Triple

By: Tuesday May 3, 2011 3:05 pm

The big topline story from the federal election yesterday in Canada is that the Conservatives won a solid majority of seats in parliament. Prime Minister Steven Harper will have extensive power to govern the country as his party desires. The Bloc Québécois was effectively wiped out at the national level. Last night it went from 49 seats in parliament to a mere 4, causing it to lose its official party status. Liberals lost over half their seats, falling from 77 to only 34. The NDP had overwhelmingly its best national showing ever, going from 37 seats to 102, making it the official opposition.

Oh, Canada, Go Vote!

By: Monday May 2, 2011 2:00 pm

Today is election day in Canada, so to all our Canadian readers: go vote! To our non-Canadian readers, today’s election could be a truly historic event worth keeping an eye on.

Canada’s Left Wing New Democratic Party Surges in Polls; Is Electoral Reform Near?

By: Wednesday April 27, 2011 3:00 pm

With less than a week until the the federal elections in Canada, the left wing New Democratic Party is experiencing an almost unprecedented 11-point surge in the polls.

Choose Allies Who Won’t Abandon You for the Trappings of Power: Lessons from the CCF, Part Two

By: Sunday June 20, 2010 8:30 am

When trying to change the power structure, it is crucial to choose political candidates and organizations truly dedicated to your goals. The trappings of power are very enticing. An outsider candidate, once elected, might think it’s more rewarding to compromise with the current power structure for modest change, and gain a personal place in the hierarchy, than fight doggedly for several years for real reform.

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