Disgraced Ex-Idaho Senator Larry Craig: My Toe-Tapping Bathroom Trip Was Official Gov’t Business

By: Sunday August 5, 2012 8:35 am

From the “you can’t make this sh*t up” department…just when you thought the wide-stance anti-gay man-on-man pick-up artist had STFU… (CBS).


Late Night FDL: Penis Envy

By: Thursday May 10, 2012 8:00 pm

Having read and heard a great deal about Romney’s Cranbrook hazing story today, at first I sort of agreed with Greg Sargent that it was an insignificant incident, happened when he was a teenager, etc. But I’d then have to ask Sargent and others: Did you really ever do anything like that?

Sunday Late Night: Dosh Garn It, That Smells Like Accountability!

By: Sunday March 14, 2010 8:01 pm

Let’s hope Kevin Garn’s so-far-remarkable step, as a GOP, of actually resigning his office wakes up our media. So that when the next pervert is revealed (and you know another one will be, perhaps soon) our wise media gatekeepers will say, “Hey, Kevin Garn resigned, shouldn’t you too?”

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