9/11 Suspects’ Lawyers to Obama: Declassify Rendition, Detention & Interrogation Program Details

By: Friday October 25, 2013 3:00 pm

Military defense attorneys for suspects the United States government has put on trial for their alleged involvement in the September 11th attacks have written a letter to President Barack Obama requesting that his administration take the step of declassifying details of the CIA’s rendition, detention and interrogation program. They have urged the administration to do this so the suspects can have a “fair, transparent death penalty trial.”


The Continued Subversion of Attorney-Client Privilege at Guantanamo Bay

By: Friday February 15, 2013 10:20 am

With each hearing before the Guantanamo military commission, it becomes more evident that privileged legal communications defense attorneys are supposed to be able to have with their clients are being violated.

Defense Lawyers for 9/11 Suspects Seek Evidence of CIA Torture for Use at Trial

By: Monday January 28, 2013 1:10 pm

One of the key issues that will be deliberated is whether the defense for five men on trial for their alleged involvement in the September 11th attacks can have access to documents and information on the White House or Justice Department’s authority for the CIA’s Rendition, Detention & Interrogation (RDI) program.

Military Judge: ‘Open Question’ Whether Constitution Applies to 9/11 Terror Suspects

By: Monday May 7, 2012 6:30 pm

Five individuals accused of being involved in the September 11th attacks were arraigned and formally charged by a military commission at Guantanamo Bay over the weekend. Khalid Shaikh Mohammad, Walid Muhammad Salih Mubarak Bin ‘Attash, Ramzi Binalshibh, Ali Abdul Aziz Ali, and Mustafa Ahmed Adam Al-Hawsawi, as required by the Constitution and the Military Commissions Act, were brought before a military judge.

What is a typically routine process turned into a twelve hour farce, which is not surprising. Those executing these proceedings are to some extent making it up as they go along. Hundreds of terror suspects have been tried in federal courts. The same cannot be said for military commissions. These supposedly reformed tribunals are an attempt to give some semblance of due process to terror suspects without granting foreign individuals access to the civilian US justice system.

Obama Administration Moves to Censor Torture Testimony from 9/11 Suspects

By: Thursday May 3, 2012 5:05 pm

Five individuals suspected of being involved in plotting the September 11th attacks are due for arraignment on May 5. They are to be formally charged with “terrorism-related crimes that could bring the death penalty if the defendants are convicted.” And, as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) reports, the government under the Obama administration is moving to censor any testimony from the individuals on torture or inhumane treatment they experienced while detained in CIA “secret” prisons.

Second-Class Justice System To Be Used to Prosecute 9/11 Plotters

By: Wednesday April 4, 2012 5:45 pm

The military commissions system, a system that many civil liberties groups consider to be a second-class system of justice, will be used to prosecute Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four others, who are accused of being involved in the September 11th attacks. The Defense Department also may give Mohammed and the four others the death penalty if they are convicted.

The Gitmo Lawyers’ Information Gulag

By: Sunday June 12, 2011 8:35 am

If David Remes can’t “disseminate” this information–if he can’t go to reporters and say, “all that damning information against my client comes not just from a detainee who was waterboarded, but it comes from the period when he was being waterboarded,” what good does it do?

Next They’ll Put Gitmo Transfer Prohibitions on USDA Funding

By: Sunday June 5, 2011 7:55 am

So in January, Obama basically said, “This is unconstitutional so don’t make it any worse or I’ll get cross,” and this amendment, which effectively sustains the status quo but doesn’t make it worse, gets pretty much the same response from the Administration.

Teaching Our Polish Partners in Torture: State Secrets

By: Saturday June 4, 2011 11:00 am

I had been predicting for weeks before Obama went to Poland that the Poles would move to quash their investigation into the black site at which KSM and others were tortured.

And sure enough, that appears to be what happened.

US Charges KSM, 9/11 Plotters… Again

By: Tuesday May 31, 2011 2:15 pm

How many times have we faced this stage already? How many times over could we have prosecuted KSM already if we had just used existing, rather than Kangaroo, courts? How many more years will it take to determine whether KSM can plead guilty so as to martyr himself?

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