VIDEO: FDL Member Town Hall With Daniel Ellsberg, Michael Moore and Josh Koster

By: Monday August 8, 2011 6:00 am

Tim F. wanted to know if they thought Elizabeth Warren would make a good third party candidate. Ellsberg said that Warren or Russ Feingold would probably not risk the wrath of the Democratic Party by running. He liked the idea of former Salt Lake City mayor Rocky Anderson, but conceded that few knew who he was.

Michael Moore had two words: “Matt Damon.”

Which immediately drew a chorus of “here here’s” from the participants in chat. Moore said that it’s time we learned something from the GOP who understood there was value in running actors for office, and that if we were interested in winning rather than just making a statement, it was something we should consider.

In closing, Moore said that this was an important conversation to start having, and he thanked Dan and the FDL community for initiating it.


DIY 2012: Sunday FDL Member Town Hall with Josh Koster and Dan Ellsberg

By: Tuesday August 2, 2011 2:27 pm

This Sunday the FDL Membership Group will be holding a DIY 2012 virtual town hall with Daniel Ellsberg of the Pentagon Papers fame, and Josh Koster of the digital media firm Chong and Koster.

Josh is an online advertising expert with extensive experience in “nanotargeting” online ads for political campaigns. I’ve worked with Josh before and he’s brilliant. Even in the political world, most people still aren’t aware of the way in which Facebook and Google ads can be inexpensively deployed to target specific audiences, and the impact you can have on an issue or a race with very little money when you reach the right audience with the right message. Josh recently wrote about nanotargeting for Campaigns and Elections magazine, and he will be giving a presentation to FDL members and answering their questions this Sunday starting at 3pm ET.

Following Josh’s presentation, Daniel Ellsberg will be talking about potential third party strategies. How do you run a third party race in a two-party dominated system? How can a third party avoid playing the role of spoiler and putting somebody even worse in office? I generally don’t hold much hope for 3rd party viability without systemic change, but I actually think Dan has come up with a very interesting long-term plan that is worthy of community discussion.

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