His “friends” call him a loser, his pot dealer has been selling him oregano from the onset, and everyone hates his music. Worried that their oldest son will never amount to a hill of beans (the name of Moramarco’s band that actually had a top ten college radio hit in 1990), his parents stage an intervention. They want him to be happy by their standards, to have a functional relationship and to have a steady income.

That’s the premise of The Great Intervention, actor/musician/director Steve Moramarco’s low-budget, super-indie, semi-fictional film made for $5,000 and funded through Kickstarter (full disclosure–I donated $23 to the cause). The film begins with the arrival of a camera crew hired by his mom from Craigslist to document how out of control Moramarco’s lifestyle really is and how his choices have destroyed him.