FDL Book Salon Welcomes Edward Renehan, Pete Seeger vs. The Un-Americans: A Tale of the Blacklist

By: Saturday June 14, 2014 1:59 pm

I was a protégé  of Pete Seeger for over 40 years, and like the author of today’s book, Ed Renehan, a friend of both Pete & his amazing wife, Toshi. Ed’s book, Pete Seeger vs. the Un-Americans, explores Seeger’s interaction with the House UnAmerican Activities Committee (HUAC for short), colloquially known as the McCarthy Hearings, after Senator Joe McCarthy, who presided over the Committee for many years.


Defense Department Wonders if MLK Would Understand Today’s Wars?

By: Saturday January 15, 2011 5:00 pm

The DOD website features an article about a speech by Jeh Johnson, DOD General Counsel, that seems to say King would approved of the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, in part because the world is a more complicated place these days.

Sorry, but theologically speaking, that’s crap. As King’s “A Time to Break Silence” speech lays out in detail, there’s no asterisk to King’s commitment to non-violence and his disdain for war.

For the DOD to suggest otherwise is offensive as hell.

On Each End of the Rifle

By: Saturday January 1, 2011 9:30 am

The title here comes from a John McCutcheon song used in a video done as a 6th grade class project. To judge by this video, somewhere out there is a teacher named Mr. Cutler who is doing a very, very good job. The students were studying World War I, and they combined vivid and powerful images of that war and the ongoing war in Iraq with an equally powerful song by folk singer John McCutcheon called “Christmas in the Trenches.”

On this New Year’s morning, may peace be upon you all.

This Disaster is Brought to You By . . .

By: Saturday May 15, 2010 9:00 am

With all the concern about the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, I thought it would be helpful to put the corporate citizenship of BP, Transocean, and Halliburton into perspective. This isn’t the first disaster with corporate sponsorship, after all.

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