Bumfights for America

By: Thursday February 7, 2013 1:30 am

Karl Rove’s $300 million sinkhole, American Crossroads, announced it planned to spend 2014 electing the kind of allegedly less crazy Republicans that focus on starting new wars and setting up global torture programs (as opposed to bi-partisan extrajudicial drone-killings).

Well the Ayn Randian wing of the GOP is not going to take this, they are going to “putsch-back”.

A long night, with a lot of great news…the 47% woke up and rejected womb-control, anti-gay bigotry and teabaggery

By: Wednesday November 7, 2012 10:50 am

That was a long night of election coverage. The President won handily, Elizabeth Warren won, Wisconsin is sending the first out lesbian to the U.S. Senate (Tammy Baldwin), marriage equality was affirmed (Maine, Maryland, and it looks like Washington state also) and discrimination rejected (Minnesota) where it was on the ballot, and so many of 2012 icons of misogyny, religion-based bigotry, and extremist teabaggery went down in flames last night (Akin, Mourdock, Allen West, Joe Walsh, etc.).

Seeing a Flock of Moons

By: Thursday November 1, 2012 8:00 pm

Never do I feel so powerless and deflated in my role as a citizen as I do toward the end of an election season, but 2012 is quickly reaching a new level of awfulness. I just can’t wait for this to be over. From the top of the ticket on down (except for a few bright spots I’ll get to later), the dispiriting sense that “winning” can only be called such because losing is flat-out unthinkable, given that almost half of the electorate is evidently willing and eager to elect into office a party that holds them in utter contempt.

The Douchebag Factor

By: Thursday October 11, 2012 8:00 pm

Tonight, millions of Americans will settle in for a debate between a fresh-faced prodigy from Middle America with a lot of Big Ideas (not to mention cat food hot dish recipes), go head to head with a tired Washington Insider with an admittedly undisciplined mouth. But only one of them is a douchebag.

Rep. Joe Walsh Refers to President Obama as ‘Son’ — and Talks About Patting Him on the Head — But That’s Not Racist

By: Friday August 10, 2012 8:00 am

Oh sh*t. What will we hear next — boy, Sambo, or lawn jockey? How about rubbing POTUS’s cranium for good luck? The GOP trash just can’t help it.

Late Night: A Certain Personality

By: Thursday July 5, 2012 8:00 pm

Whenever you listen to a Republican politician, be it, say, Eric Cantor, Joe Walsh, or Chris Christie, it’s natural to wonder how, in Heaven’s name, they manage to reproduce; could anyone, even their mothers, love them? The sneering insults, serial fabrications, loathsome arrogance, pig-headed stupidity, and utter lack of empathy or self-awareness would be stunning and repellent to behold individually, yet most of them are mountainous, steaming piles of all these traits, put together. In fact, those who fail to embody every possible obnoxious personality defect under the sun, and then some, are doomed to be dismissed by their base as closet liberals.

Or worse.

Rep. Walsh’s Rant Pathetic, and Also Indicative of Washington’s No-Accountability Policy

By: Thursday November 10, 2011 6:06 am

It’s almost not even worth getting to Walsh’s core charge, that the government forced banks to lend to people who couldn’t pay them back. I suppose the government forced banks to slice up those loans into securities and then either lose the paperwork or fail to honor the procedures demanded by the pooling and servicing agreements. Or the government forced banks to sell the securities to investors without telling them they were taking the other side of the bet against the securities. Or that they knew about the irregularities with the loans, and received them at a discount from the originators, without passing on the information to investors who thought the loans were highly rated and perfectly legitimate. And on and on.

Rep. Joe Walsh Accepts “Pro-Family” Award, No One Mentions Owed Child Support

By: Tuesday November 8, 2011 7:45 am

The Family Research Council is the organization that recently awarded Congressman Joe Walsh an award for supposedly fighting for “family values” even though Walsh owes over $100,000 in child support. Walsh’s statement accepting the award takes today’s hypocrisy award.

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