Today on the Fiscal Slopes

By: Thursday November 29, 2012 9:29 am

Politico’s VanDeAllen team have a exclusive inside must-credit-Politico rundown of the fiscal cliff talks that merely recycles known information and makes a bunch of guesses.


Obama Brings Back the American Jobs Act from the Mothballs

By: Tuesday May 8, 2012 12:00 pm

Perhaps showing concern about the softening economic forecasts of recent months, President Obama has provided a to-do list for Congress that would, in his words, “create jobs and help restore middle class security.” The to-do list includes several ideas from the American Jobs Act and subsequent legislation proposals announced in recent months, but there’s a curious omission.

Senate Democrats Attach Veterans Hiring Initiative to 3% Withholding Bill

By: Monday November 7, 2011 12:14 pm

Democrats are planning to attach a veteran’s hiring preference, one of the original remaining pieces of the Obama Jobs Bill, to a House-passed bill that repeals a law requiring 3 percent withholding from federal contractors. These people aren’t serious.

Obama Administration Comes Back to Liberal Wonks for Job Creation Ideas

By: Sunday September 11, 2011 4:45 pm

The White House wants you to believe that the American Jobs Act is loaded up with bipartisan solutions once preferred by Republicans. And to some extent, that’s true. But there are a number of Easter eggs in here, policy ideas that originated with liberal policy groups. The White House may be touting the bipartisan bona fides on the top line. They may have frozen out the liberal policy shops for years. But when the time comes to save their bacon with jobs programs, they come back to the liberal wonks.

Liberal Economists Criticize Schumer-Hatch Tax Credit

By: Saturday February 13, 2010 12:49 pm

If we do see a jobs bill from the Senate, the main component (accounting for 87% of the spending at this point) would be the Schumer-Hatch job creation tax credit. This would give businesses a break on their half of payroll taxes (6.2% of salary) for every worker they hire in 2010 who has been unemployed at least 60 days. It would also offer incentives – $1000, I believe – for every year the employee remains with the company beyond 2010. The projected cost is $13 billion dollars.

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